Jennifer Safrey

Jennifer Safrey - Editor

Randolph, MA, USA

I'm a 30-year professional word nerd! Let me help you polish your prose into a sparkly, irresistible gem.

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I'm a word nerd who works both sides of the desk--as an editor and a writer. I've been a professional editor for 30 years, and I've worked on everything from news and feature articles to book-length fiction to short fiction to book-length nonfiction. I've worked as a freelancer for several publishing houses and I've worked directly with published, unpublished, and contracted-to-be-published authors.

I have a philosophy as an editor: It's my job to help you express your unique voice in the cleanest, most effective way possible. It's not my job to suggest you write your book the way I'd write it. I want your voice to shine through, because the world needs your voice and your stories! So when I work with you, your voice and your vision are my priorities.

I'm very communicative with my clients. I check in to keep you in the loop about what and how I'm doing so you don't need to wonder, and I'm happy to chat with you at any time via email if you have questions or concerns or just want to talk about books. :) I love to be a resource, and because I'm an author myself, I understand how challenging it is to put your work into the world, so I want to help you feel confident and accomplished. After all, if you've gotten to the stage of hiring an editor, you've written a book! You've done something many people say they want to do, but don't. Yay for you!

I hope we can work together.


"There are so many things that I love about working with Jen as my editor. I want to highlight the two most powerful things she is able to do as an editor. First and foremost, she does not miss a thing. This is not just misspellings and bad punctuation but also context. She is like the Sherlock Holmes of editing. The other thing I really enjoy most about Jen is that she is able to do her job and I still get to keep my voice. Whatever content changes she suggests, she is able to get my voice and keep it in my writing style. She is so easy to work with and probably the best in the business. 5 stars on Yelp would not do her justice."
--Tony Ortega, Psy.D., author of "#IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With" and "#AreYouHereYet: How to STFU and Show Up for Yourself"

"Jen is my partner and she edits and proofreads a lot of what I write. She's a wonderful copy editor. She reads and corrects with alarming accuracy. Her notes are easy to understand, and her insights are valuable."
--Theodore Kechris, short-story author and playwright

English (UK)
English (US)
Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Comedy
Self-Help & Self-Improvement


  • Two-time winner of Golden Leaf Award for Best Long Contemporary Romance Novel

Work experience

Editor, proofreader, writing coach

January, 2021 – Present (11 months)

I provide copy editing, developmental editing, proofreading, and writing-coach services.

Copy Editor/Developmental Editor/Proofreader

Hollan Publishing/Literary Partners Group
October, 2008 – Present (about 13 years)

Edit novels, short stories, nonfiction, children’s books, poetry collections, puzzle books, novelty books, and graphic novels, adhering to "Chicago Manual of Style"

Portfolio (13 selected works)

#IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With

Ortega, Tony, Leavitt, Alisia, Readance, Joel


Parent, Kayla , Apgar, Laura


Parent, Kayla, Apgar, Laura

Jennifer has 12 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Michael Hurrel
Very nice job.

Michael Hurrel, November 2021

Jennifer Safrey
Thank you!!🌟

Reply from Jennifer Safrey

Vi Tran
Jennifer exceeds my expectations!! She was very clear in her communication and there were never any delays. I had expected that she would meet my deadline, but she finished the manuscript a few days early, which was awesome. I would definitely recommend working with her!

Vi Tran, October 2021

Jennifer Safrey
Thanks so much!🌟

Reply from Jennifer Safrey

Noven Jaisi
Jennifer is a pleasure to work with; she always goes the extra mile and is extremely kind and professional. You will undoubtedly be glad to work with her.

Noven Jaisi, October 2021

Jennifer Safrey
Thank you!!🌟

Reply from Jennifer Safrey

Christine Bald
Jen is the absolute best, hire her immediately. Her revisions, suggestions and notes were all completely on point, and it was such a relief to have 100% confidence that the manuscript would be perfect when she got done with it. Jen is also incredibly responsive, positive and cool. 10/10 will hire her as often as I have books to write.

Christine Bald, October 2021

Jennifer Safrey
Thank you!! 🌟

Reply from Jennifer Safrey

Claudie Muchindu
Jen was such a pleasure to work with and I have been able to get to the root cause of why my story wasn't working.

Claudie Muchindu, October 2021

Jennifer Safrey
Thank you!🌟

Reply from Jennifer Safrey

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