Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz – Editor

Results driven editor, formerWriters House Bridgerton agent, edited major award winners, working from slush pile to success in publishing.


I'm an expat living in Asia and New York and former successful literary agent from Writers House in New York having represented many bestsellers and award winning writers including Julia Quinn - BRIDGERTON, two Newbery winners, two National Book Award finalist and - fun fact - Dee Dee Ramone of The Ramones and New Line Cinema for licensing. I worked very closely with the company which is now known as Alloy, the producers of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries. That said, I am equally at home with pop, commercial, literary fiction for adults, middle grade and YA and narrative non-fiction.

The client testimonials all point to my customized and approachable style. I stick with a writer until they are confident about their next steps. I am highly observant and have a well trained ear. I'd say that fault finding is my superpower but I do adorn it with encouragement, time and passion.

I keep up with the trends in major publishing by attending conferences, keeping up with associates in the houses and agencies and ...reading!

When the family moved to Asia, I turned my hand to other endeavors. I wrote a book which Bantam Australia published and I am always asked to speak, write pitch letters and edit manuscripts of all kinds. I am also involved in other areas of entertainment including movies and music. I am listed as an approved editor by the Government of Singapore which gives grants to people who want to use my services.

Many of the first time authors I work with move on to find agents and are happily published. I sometimes have a hand in that....


Fran is an invaluable editor. Her knowledge and experience are beyond compare and any author would benefit from her creative and incisive decisions. On a personal note, she is also a great deal of fun to work with."

-- Alice Clark Platts, Author, Bitter Fruits (Penguin), The Flower Girls (Bloomsbury/Raven), The Cove (Bloomsbury/Raven) , The Taken (Bloomsbury/Raven)

Fran has an incredibly sharp eye and a knack for getting at the heart of the story. She understands instinctively what makes a story work and not work, particularly with children's books. What's more, she's able to articulate this insight in a way that makes sense to the writer. I find her candid comments on my writing refreshing and valuable. She's the real deal!

-- Kelly Yang, Author Front Desk (Scholastic), Three Keys (Scholastic), Room To Dream (Scholastic), Key Player (Scholastic), Parachutes (HarperCollins)

Biographies & Memoirs
Fantasy Historical Romance Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (NZ) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience

youbloom music festival

May, 2015 — Present

youbloom is a festival in Dublin, LA and expanding to other cities in the US and Asia.

Writers House

Jan, 1986 — Jan, 2001 (about 15 years)

Prior to Writers House, I worked at Macmillan in the subsidiary rights department, Lowenstein Associates as an assistant to agent, Barbara Lowenstein and The William Morris Agency as assistant to Mel Berger.


Sociopath: A Memoir

Gagne, Ph.D. Patric

Made with Reedsy
Quilt of Souls: A Memoir

Biffle Elmore, Phyllis

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Front Desk

Kelly Yang

Three starred reviews!* "Many readers will recognize themselves or their neighbors in these pages." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred reviewMia Tang has a lot of secrets.Number 1: She lives in a motel, not a big house. Every day, while her immigrant parents clean the... read more
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Hollywood, 1962… Raised by an alcoholic, Vegas show-girl, fifteen year old Celine, endowed with her mother’s beauty, struggles to find stability. Determined to take any path away from glamour worship, she seeks genuine love. When the strapping Nick Cody appear... read more
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Roy Freirich

After a mysterious, silent child is found abandoned on the beach clutching a handheld video game, residents and tourists alike find themselves utterly unable to sleep. Exhaustion impairs judgment, delusions become hysteria, and mob rule explodes into shocking ... read more
An extraordinary and inspiring chronicle of one woman’s harrowing journey to become the first female to kayak the entire Amazon River.Part memoir, part feminist manifesto, Amazon Woman shows what incredible feats we are capable of and will encourage people, es... read more
Set of 6 books
Thanks to a smash hit Disney Channel movie, we are reissuing the first two books in this popular series with fabulous new covers!The twins are back in this second magical adventure!Twin witches Cam and Alexa couldn't be more different (Cam is a pretty and chee... read more
Identical twins. Separated at birth. For one very good reason . . . Camryn Barnes Smart, upbeat and popular, Cam is all about friends, family, school, and soccer. She¹s best of breed all around. Except for one bone-chilling secret. Cam sees things happening be... read more
Cher's got her Gold Card and she's going to supervise Josh in Paris. Cher's also got cousins in Paris, and they've got love trouble - she'll fix their problems in a snap. Now if only she can fix her own when she spots Josh with a French girl on his arm.
In excellent condition!
Fruit Flies, FIsh & Fortune Cookies

Anne; Anne LeMieux (Author) LeMieux

Humor. Everything you might as well know about being a woman. So true and so funny it's frightening. Full color cover. Includes "The High Cost of Being Cute As A Button," the "Three Great Female Lies," among sixteen chapters; 22 illustrations and a certificate... read more
Struggling with a stale career and a jerk of a landlord, Victoria Bowering is ecstatic when she lands a leading role in a major stage production, a break that is threatened when her landlord is killed and she is named the chief suspect. Reprint. AB.
During the prime tourist season in the seaside village of Dovekey Beach, visitors to the beach are slowly disappearing,and it is up to Elizabeth Will to solve the mystery and find the killer out to destroy the town's tourist industry by eliminating its tourists.
Zip Six: A Novel

Jack Gantos

An "exhilarating prison novel" (says the Boston Globe) by a 1999 National Book Award Nominee
The biography of David Helfott, a gifted young Australian pianist who suffered a severe mental breakdown and was institutionalized. Although brilliant and charismatic, he was insecure and reliant on anti-psychotic medication, but eventually overcame his illnes... read more
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Danny Fields

Linda McCartney died of breast cancer in April 1998. This biography by a friend of over 30 years offers to bring the whole Linda McCartney into view. In 1969, when Linda Eastman married the world's most eligible bachelor, The Beatles' Paul McCartney people sai... read more
Featuring never before published interviews with Linda and Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney: A Portrait is an insiders look at one of rock music's most enduring marriages, and an intimate portrait of Linda herself and of her over thirty-year friendship with Dan... read more
So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star? Maybe you should listen to what Dee Dee Ramone has to say first. In Legend of a Rock Star the myth of the rock 'n' roll good life is destroyed once and for all. Touring is hell, and Dee Dee should know, after fifteen plu... read more
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The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first six books of Animorphs return, with striking new lenticular covers that morph.When Tobias and his friends were given the power to morph, they were also given an important warning: Never stay in a m... read more
The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first six books of Animorphs return, with striking new lenticular covers that morph.Rachel is still reeling from the news that the Earth is secretly under attack by parasitic aliens known as the Yeerks. ... read more
The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first six books of Animorphs return, with striking new lenticular covers that morph.The Earth is being invaded, but no one knows about it. When Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco stumble upon a down... read more
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An absorbing account of the record industry's worst nightmare. In the summer of 1969, Great White Wonder, a collection of unreleased Bob Dylan recordings appeared in Los Angeles. It was the first rock bootleg and it spawned an entire industry dedicated to maki... read more
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Paul Robert Walker

Shadow Boxer

Chris Lynch

I was nine years old the first time I hit my father and made him bleed. He was proud.It's now five years after his father's death, and fourteen-year-old George is the man of the family. He knows all too well how brutal the life of a fighter can be. Didn't it k... read more
Meet the SAINTS (Syndicated Alliance of Irregular and Talented Specialists): Song, the master of the mystic Tao of Twelve Winds; Diego, a clairvoyant who can see past events and past lives; Ronny, a man of unparalleled intuition; Audrey, the ultimate exponent ... read more

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Jeff T.

Jeff T.

Oct, 2023

Fran is a great developmental editor. More importantly, she is a very fine person. She cared deeply about me and about helping me to create a manuscript that others would want to read. She is energetic and interesting and positive, and also willing to say difficult things. I am not done with her yet and I’m excited to continue to use her services. I would recommend her to anyone that would like...
Read more
Dave H.

Dave H.

Aug, 2023

I was impressed by the amount of time Fran spent with my MS and the depth of her thoroughness. She actually went through my novel, page by page, and pointed out a number of plot holes that I missed. She also made a number of suggestions to improve my plot and the development of my characters. It was money WELL spent, and I’m going to rely on her editing again as I complete my MS-Dave H.
Fran L.
You are almost there Dave. I am so glad I could help and really looking forward to the next round.
Maria M.

Maria M.

Aug, 2023

Working with Fran was a dream! She was fast, responsive, gave insightful and thoughtful feedback (read: what you need to hear, not what you want to hear), and responded to all of my middle-of-the night questions even after she'd finished with the manuscript. She is very much worth the wait, and I cannot recommend her enough!
Fran L.
Maria - Thank you. I loved the work and the tweaks will bring it across the finish line. And keep sending middle of the night messages, it makes me feel useful.
Gale F.

Gale F.

Jul, 2023

Fran is an outstanding editor. She connects with you as a writer and a person-so essential. Her editorial letter provided me with specific ways in which to improve my manuscript while also encouraging my talent as a writer. She is thorough, astute, accurate and willing to hold zoom meetings to discuss her notes and feedback. She is brilliant. She worth the wait.
Fran L.
Thank you Gale. You belong with a house like Knopf or FSG. Let's get there!
Verene S.

Verene S.

Jun, 2023

Fran was a pleasure to work with. She tells you exactly what you need to know, what's working and what isn't, while taking your feelings into consideration. She corrects your work by providing suggestions or guidelines while making it clear the person who has the final say in what is changed, is you. Fran recognises the vulnerability inherent in asking someone to read and correct your work, and...
Read more
Fran L.
Verene! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said and I hope we will explore the next several thousand years together as Salamanders. Bring it on!

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