Elia Velasquez Murray

Elia Velasquez Murray – Designer

Illustrator with robust experience who loves crafting vibrant picture books with engaging and dynamic characters. Based in California!


I am an illustrator with a deep love for storytelling. I specialize in whimsical characters that are eager to lend themselves to any adventure you can throw at them! I strive to bring a sense of joy into each of my pieces while also focusing on the design and pacing of the book as a whole.

I enjoy working closely with writers to develop characters and settings that not only show what is being said on the page, but dig deeper into the story and reveal to the reader what may not even be written! I am excited to bring each book to life and be a part of a collaboration with other creative people.

Whether you’ve written a thrilling middle grade, a sweet picture book for the youngest readers, or a hilarious page turner for children of all ages I hope you and I can build an amazing book together.

Let's see what we can create!

Middle Grade Picture Books
  • SVS Illustration Award for Dimensional Illustration
  • Story and Narrative Development for Video Games

Work experience


Aug, 2015 — Present

I use my knowledge of drawing and design to make fun and lively illustrations for my clients. I work primarily with digital artwork, but I strive to make sure it does not feel digital. I want to make sure that each piece of artwork has my personal hand in it. This can mean that my work starts out traditionally, or that I am layering in textures from watercolor, charcoal, and other traditional mediums to make sure that the artwork doesn't feel stagnant.

I have experience in character design, storyboarding, portrait drawing, and story telling. As a writer myself I know how to create an illustration that not only shows the story but pushes past the words on the page and invites the viewer into the world of the book.

Local Language Art

Oct, 2017 — Present

As an Art Director, I work with a team of artists creating vibrant proposals for a variety of clients throughout the hospitality sector. I design two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces of art ranging from framed gallery pieces to multi-story installations. I take client narratives and form a robust story that weaves through each art piece for a specific location.

Local Language

Oct, 2015 — Present

I am an illustrator and designer working in a wide range of styles from traditional paintings to modern collage and abstract art. I use a wide range of digital skills (photoshop, illustrator, procreate) to produce each piece of unique artwork per client direction. I work closely with art directors and clients to make sure that their vision is fully realized.


Maggie the Military Rat

Monica Voicu Denniston

Stand-In Santa

Roth, Stephen W

Whoopee Cushion War

Brown, Miranda

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