Glen Edelstein

Glen Edelstein – Designer

I am a book designer with lifelong experience in book publishing. My approach to conceptual book design ensures your book becomes a reality.


My collaborative approach to conceptual book design ensures that your vision for both the interior and exterior of your book becomes a reality. I work to ensure that your book is developed as one cohesive package.

My knowledge of the publishing industry includes over 25 years of service for Penguin Random House Inc. and St. Martin’s Press, a division of Macmillan Inc. I have experience in creating both print and eBooks and aim to deliver high-quality designs for your specific book concept. My projects are completed efficiently and I thereby reduce the time and costs associated with on-the-job training and coaching often required by less-experienced designers.
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management
Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Picture Books Poetry Thriller & Suspense

Work experience


Feb, 2009 — Present

• Work individually with a variety of large publishers, indie publishers, and self-publishers to create cohesive book interior and cover designs and eBooks
• Collaborate with printers and editors during the design process.

Penguin Random House Inc.

Apr, 2000 — Feb, 2009 (almost 9 years)

• Managed a department of 5 designers as well as a pool of illustrators, photographers, and freelance designers in an effort to design book interiors and covers.
• Published over 350 books per year.
• Collaborated with publishers as well as production and editorial departments.

Bantam-Dell Publishing Group, Penguin Random House Inc.

Feb, 1992 — Apr, 2009 (about 17 years)

St. Martins Press Inc.

Jun, 1987 — Feb, 1992 (over 4 years)


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Lenore M.

Lenore M.

Feb, 2023

The collaboration began in a very friendly manner, however the initial cover design submitted to me was very disappointing, but I tried to express that 'softly'. I then sent him half a dozen potential images, and he selected one to use, although the design was initially hampered by 'black dots' - a kind of 'smudge' which obscured the image. I may not have been clear enough in requesting these s...
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Glen E.
Lenore, I am sorry your experience with me was not as expected. It was a difficult for the both of us. I wish you much success and I am happy to include your book on my website. I think it looks p...
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Roger B.

Roger B.

Feb, 2023

Glen knows book design but he also knows much about the publishing industry. He's easy to work with and I predict you will be delighted.
Glen E.
Roger was truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you, and I look forward to book 2...
Diane R.

Diane R.

Aug, 2022

Glen was a pleasure to work with. He was timely and clear and very competent at the work which I had had difficulty finding anyone to do (creating ereader formating for a poetry book). Indeed, I had been led down the primrose path by a major company that didn't know how to do poetry book layouts but claimed to be able to do the job, taking my money for it and then coming back to me with an a...
Read more
Glen E.
Diane, thank you, and you were equally a pleasure to work with. I hope we can work together again.
David A.

David A.

Jul, 2022

Glen is both an insightful professional and a delight to work with. He provided me with very good advice when he saw me veering, shall we say, in the wrong direction and was extremely patient with various revisions to my now published work. I will most certainly work with him again on my next book. He is perhaps not the least costly of the folks out there, but great "value" and worth any percei...
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Bradley L.

Bradley L.

Jun, 2022

Glen Eddy is a GODSEND! Hire him immediately. As a debut author who had no idea what he was doing, I was spinning my wheels trying to understand the publishing industry. Glen is a salty dog graphic designer with DECADES of experience bringing thousands of titles to life. He took me by the hand and led me to the promised land of publishing. Check out my book The Bravest - A Fireman's Tale and se...
Read more
Glen E.
Brad, you were truly a pleasure to work with and I hope in the future we can work together again. Thank you for the wonderful review, and please stay in touch.