Daniela Escorcia

Daniela Escorcia – Web Developer

I am a designer with over 8 years of experience. I create beautiful websites and eye catching designs that resonate with your customers.


I was born and raised in Venezuela and immigrated to Canada when I was 22 years old. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and occasionally Spanglish.

Design is my passion and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I utilize my background and my experiences to help breathe life into everything I design.

Here are some of the services that I offer:

• Website Design: I design visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive websites that cater to the needs of different industries. I work closely with clients to understand their requirements and create custom designs that reflect their brand identity.

• Website Development: I develop websites using modern technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. I also have experience in popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla.

• E-commerce Development: I create online stores that are secure, user-friendly, and scalable. I have worked with various e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, and Shopify.

• Website Maintenance: I provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure that websites remain secure, up-to-date, and free from errors. I offer website backups, security updates, and bug fixes.

• SEO Services: I provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to improve website visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

• UI/UX Design: I design user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) that are intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly. I also conduct user research to gain insights into user behavior and preferences.

My experience working with various industries, such as healthcare, hospitality, finance, education, entertainment, and more, allows me to understand the unique needs and requirements of each industry and tailor my services accordingly.

If you're interested in any of the services I offer as a Web designer and developer, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to discuss your project requirements. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Design Entertainment
Works with
Joomla Shopify Squarespace Wix WordPress
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Work experience

LinkPoint IT Solutions Ltd.

Apr, 2016 — Present

• Developing and designing corporate identities (logos, letterhead, presentations, business cards,websites, etc.)
• Executed print and digital graphic pieces focused on corporate advertising
• Building and maintaining websites
• Managed and developed promotional and creative e-commerce websites
• UI/Ux design and development for mobile applications

Grapho Formas Petare, C.A.

Jun, 2012 — Jun, 2014 (about 2 years)

• Designed and supervised various clients' design proposals from editorial, web development, advertising promotions, etc.
• Created and executed ideas into effective and efficient design concepts.
• Worked and led team projects with the purpose of improving and optimizing the structure and usability of customer websites.
• Managed design and development of an e-commerce website to help generate custom notebook sales.
• Acquired customers through design concepts and customization of product design such as new notebooks, calendars, agendas, and daily planners for corporations and nonprofit foundations.
• Executed print and digital graphic pieces focused on corporate advertising.
• Managed clients online and offline.
• Supported the production department when necessary.

Corporación Venfec S.A. Bowling Prados de Este

Feb, 2011 — May, 2012 (about 1 year)

• Executed print and digital graphic pieces focused on corporate advertising
• Designed Marketing Campaigns


Rebuild and Redesign Website

Amy Winfield is a highly talented writer, specializing in books for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

Amy requested the creation of her website with a fresh design that truly captures the essence of her work. Her previous website faced numerous issues due to maintenance challenges and outdated technology. As a solution, I created a brand-new site that not only showcases Amy's talent but also ensures a seamless user experience for her audience.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring Amy's vision to life.

Website Design and Development

Satya yoga is a welcoming studio that provides a wide range of Yoga classes to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle.

The client requested a modern and user-friendly website that seamlessly integrates with Mindbody, a trusted and efficient online scheduling software. With this innovative system, clients can easily view schedules, reserve their spots in advance, and manage their bookings with just a few clicks.

Website Design and Development

Jonni's Styling Studio is a hair salon that provides a range of exceptional services to help clients relax and feel their best.

The client requested an elegant and user-friendly website that showcases their impressive gallery of work and provides detailed information about our salon and services.

Branding and Web Design

PeopleWise Solutions is a leading provider of HR support services for business owners looking to cultivate a positive work environment and company culture.

The client requested a comprehensive branding package, which included the creation of a brand logo, business cards, presentation templates, proposal templates, and a website.

Rebuild E-Learning Website

Regenerate Apostolic Center is an online training academy.

The client's website was experiencing significant issues with both its functionality and integration, prompting a request for a comprehensive review and rebuild. Following a thorough examination of the website, it was determined that a complete rebuild was necessary. As a result, the website was successfully reconstructed and integrated with Learndash, Keap, and Memberium to provide users with a seamless and efficient experience. By implementing these improvements, the website is now capable of functioning optimally, providing users with an enhanced e-learning platform.

Website Design and Development

Newlands Club Wed is an all-inclusive wedding venue that provides a stunning backdrop for couples' ceremonies and receptions. They offer spacious indoor and outdoor venues, with the perfect setting to exchange vows and celebrate love with family and friends.

The client requested two websites that cater to their wedding services. The primary website serves as an information hub, showcasing Newlands' comprehensive offerings that cover every aspect required to make a couple's big day truly unforgettable.

In contrast, the portal website aims to simplify the wedding planning process for customers who have already opted for Newlands' services. The portal offers an array of intuitive tools and resources such as budget calculators, theme and color palette guides, worksheets, and checklists. These resources will guide couples through the planning process, ensuring that no detail is overlooked while keeping them on track from start to finish.

The client has expressed their satisfaction with the effectiveness of both the portal and website in saving time for their staff. By providing all the necessary information on the portal, couples arrive at meetings fully prepared, resulting in shorter meeting times and greater satisfaction. This streamlined approach has proven to be highly efficient, allowing the client's team to focus on delivering top-notch services to their customers.

Website Design and Development

Vancouver All Stars Baseball is a spring & summer baseball camp for boys and girls between the ages of 5 – 13 to learn, develop, and grow through the sport of baseball.

The client requested a new website that showcases the fun and engaging programs they offer. With a focus on providing a safe and welcoming environment for kids, they wanted their website to reflect their commitment to fun and learning. The website includes detailed information about the camp's programs, as well as registration forms and contact information for parents.

Rebuild and Redesign E-commerce Website

Sugar & Spice Bath and Body Care is a small business that offers a range of affordable, luxurious personal care products on its e-commerce website. The products are made from natural and organic ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals and are carefully curated to ensure high standards for quality and sustainability.

The client requested to rebuild her website as the old one was not generating sales and was providing a poor user experience. The new website requested needed to be visually appealing and reflect the brand identity while also being functional and user-friendly.

Since the new website was launched on December 2022, their sales have significantly increased, their revenue has increased by 40%, and the average order value has increased by 20%.

Daniela has 4 reviews





Nimo M.

Nimo M.

Feb, 2024

Daniela was competent, responsive professional. I really enjoyed working with her. All my questions were answered and my project was finished on time. I will highly recommend Daniela to anyone who is interested in her services . Now I am the proud owner of beautifully designed website thanks to Daniela.
Daniela E.
Nimo, thanks for your kind words. It was a pleasure working for you! :)
Nikki L.

Nikki L.

Sep, 2023

I truly enjoyed working with Daniela. She is a good listener and was able to turn my words into the webpage I was hoping to create. Her communication is clear, professional, and friendly. Her web designs are clean and engaging. Her rate is very reasonable and her response time is excellent.
Stephanie S.

Stephanie S.

May, 2023

This is our 2nd project with Daniela. She is very professional, has a lot of great ideas and she goes above and beyond to make sure the project is delivered within scope and timeframe discussed. She is easy to work with, creative and very knowledgeable.
Stephanie S.

Stephanie S.

Apr, 2023

My website was outdated and needed an overhaul. Daniela did a wonderful job revitalizing it. She used elements from my old site and weaved them into new ideas that made the new site pop, just the way I envisioned. She is very professional, easy to communicate with, and very creative. She also provided SEO tips, a website guide for managing the site, and for a small cost, offers a service to...
Read more
Daniela E.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed my work, I also enjoyed working with you. I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you o...
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