Daniel Conway

Daniel Conway – Editor

Accredited non-fiction editor with more than 40 published titles. Specialising in art, spirituality, well-being, history, science & ESL.


My process always begins by discussing your needs and an explanation of the types of services I can offer (see list below) and I am more than happy to tailor these to your needs. Once we agree on the type of work that is required for your book, we can then settle on a price and a time frame.

Personally, I enjoy working on a mix of genres and with writers of all levels of experience: from those who are new to the process to those who are comfortable self-publishing or preparing a submission for consideration.

For writers who are non-native speakers, I can also offer a focus on grammatical or linguistic elements
as I have a background as an academic tutor and experience working with ESL writers at tertiary level.

My publishing background is in the commercial non-fiction market. As an in-house editor, I have managed my own list of history, science, true crime, art, new age, leisure arts, general reference and instructional literature titles. My portfolio of books (at the bottom of this page) achieved substantial print runs and distribution in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia and many were translated into foreign language editions.

The services I can offer are:

- Developmental editing
- Copyediting
- Proofreading
- Copyediting for ESL writers
- Proofreading for ESL writers
- Indexing
- Picture research
- Editorial project management

Client testimonials:

"I worked with Daniel during his in-house employment with Arcturus Publishing in 2016-17. He commissioned me to write an illustrated book about world mythologies and to recommend relevant images to accompany my text.

Daniel prepared me with an excellent brief — very detailed — and then copy edited my text. As a publisher myself, it had been a while since I had sat on the other side of this table. Daniel was careful, generous and acute in his judgements and I appreciated the approach he brought to the task and the connection he made with me. I am happy to endorse his skills and professionalism."

– Terri-ann White, Director, UWA Publishing
Art DIY & Crafts Education & Reference Health & Wellbeing History Religion & Spirituality True Crime
English (AUS) English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd)
  • The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)

Work experience

Arcturus Publishing

Feb, 2016 — Jun, 2018 (over 2 years)

Arcturus produces a range of non-fiction titles including general reference, history, science, crime, art tutorials, spirituality, leisure arts and classic fiction. In my role as Senior Editor, I commissioned and project managed a list of adult non-fiction titles across all genres.

I successfully commissioned and produced 21 titles that achieved substantial print runs and distribution in our major North American markets.

• Project manage and edit multiple projects to schedule and within budget
• Commission work and help expand the catalogue list
• Contribute writing, proofread, edit and sign-off projects working closely with authors and packagers
• Coordinate designers, freelance staff and authors to create a cohesive product
• Brief packagers and designers to ensure files are supplied on time and to specification
• Proofread all matter to check editorial detail and factual accuracy

Search Press

Nov, 2012 — Jan, 2016 (about 3 years)

Founded in 1970, Search Press is the leading art and craft publisher in the UK. As an in-house editor, I was responsible for managing all packaged titles, translated titles and my own list of original titles.

During my times at Search Press, I edited 28 published books and project managed and proofread over 70 contracted titles.

• Project editing all translated and buy-in titles
• Editing my own list of in-house titles through all stages of the editorial process
• Managing freelancer editors and proofreaders
• Working closely with authors producing in-house titles
• Anglicising American English for UK editions and vice versa
• Producing book layouts for highly illustrated texts using InDesign and Adobe CS Suite 6 software


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Muzamil K.

Muzamil K.

Jul, 2020

A pleasant experience working with Don. He did an excellent job of editing my book.