Colleen Cunningham

Colleen Cunningham – Designer

Senior book designer at an imprint of a big five publisher offering twenty-three years of experience in book design and layout.


You have your book cover beautifully designed and your manuscript carefully edited. I'm ready to make your galleys come to life and complete the package!

I'm a professional book designer with twenty-three years of experience in trade book design and layout, as well as ebook production. My specialties include fiction, self-help, inspiration, lifestyle, and cookbooks. I also have experience typesetting for university presses, science journals, and textbooks.

Whether your manuscript is straight text /or/ multicolumn with images, sidebars, tables, charts, the sun and the moon /or/ in between, you can feel confident that your book layouts will be crafted with a strong sense of information hierarchy, ease of legibility, and visual appeal to shine in the short, the level of professional attention that it deserves.

Teaching book production is as fun as actually doing it! I've taught ebook production as an adjunct professor at Emerson College in Boston. Additional venues at which I have presented and taught include the Minnesota Book Publisher's Roundtable, Tech Forum's Ebookcraft, Digital Book World Conference, HOW Design Conference, Boston InDesign User Group, PePCON, Book Builders of Boston Spring Forum Series, The Art Institute of Boston, Creative Relay, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

My bookshelves are filled with graphic design books and my mug is full of coffee. It's time to work!

Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits DIY & Crafts Entertainment Home & Garden Self-Help & Self-Improvement

Work experience


Jan, 2005 — Present

This is the name under which I freelance.

Adams Media

Apr, 2000 — Present

PRINT BOOKS: Create original designs and pages for one-, two-, and four-color book interiors / Ensure consistency across series titles / Train junior designers / Input corrections into page proofs / Package interior files for uploading to printers / Created and update the Production Department manual; EBOOKS: Prepare EPUB3/2 and KF8 files that pass validation / Conduct QA on outsourced ebooks and provide technical feedback / Review backlist ebooks for QA and user experience / Keep up-to-date with current developments in ebook standards and specifications for all major ebook vendors, including Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble

Emerson College

Sep, 2012 — Dec, 2015 (about 3 years)

Teach ebook production in the Department of Writing, Literature, and Publishing graduate program

Laurel Technical Services

Oct, 1999 — Apr, 2000 (6 months)

Paginate text, tables, and graphics / Input corrections into page proofs

Peirce Graphic Services

Jun, 1996 — Aug, 1999 (about 3 years)

Create book designs and layouts / Typeset articles in journal templates / Input corrections into page proofs

Fort Pierce Tribune

May, 1992 — Jun, 1996 (about 4 years)

Paste-up section fronts, inside pages, and the classified section for the daily editions of the newspaper / Design and typeset advertisements


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