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My name is Autumn Jade, and I am an award-winning ghostwriter, bestselling editor, and book proposal specialist living in Nashville, TN. My clients have gotten deals with Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, and various traditional publishers. Several have been represented by some of the top agencies in the industry.

I have ghostwritten 20 books (1 international award winner, 1 national award winner, and several Amazon bestsellers) and edited over 100 titles (1 of which recently received 5 stars in the Reader Views Award Contest).

Since 2023, my book proposals have gotten 6 authors through the doors of traditional publishing houses—2 signed contracts within The Big Five. While I consider manuscripts the lifeblood of my career, nothing excites me more than showcasing an author's work with a stunning book proposal! Mentored by—and now professionally partnered with—some of the sharpest proposal experts in the industry, I understand the art of crafting a pitch and how to position a manuscript for success!

My genres of interest include memoir and personal development. My clients usually fit one (or more) of the following profiles:

⦿ Authors in the trauma community looking to share dynamic stories of grief, triumph, and growth

⦿ Behavioral health specialists aiming to showcase their newest body of research

⦿ Creative professionals eager to educate their audience on saturated living, cultivating discipline in their craft, and nourishing their inner artist

⦿ Entrepreneurs zealous to bolster their brand and grow their readership through the art of storytelling

⦿ Spiritual leaders from any and every background seeking to educate readers about their belief system, religious practices, or life philosophy

Whatever their walk of life, I am passionate about championing authors at every stage of their publication journey!

My current qualifications include collaborating on NYT bestsellers through Kevin Anderson & Associates of New York City, as well as writing heirloom memoirs and consulting authors through various hybrid publishers.

Outside of work, I enjoy throwing misshapen pots in the ceramics studio, teaching mixed media courses to seniors at the local community center, and instructing hip-hop classes at the YMCA. On weekends, you can find me curled up on the couch, a cup of coffee in hand, steeping in the works of Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, and Steven Pressfield.


Manuscripts $35,000+

Book Proposals $15,000+

Biographies & Memoirs Psychology Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (UK)
  • Small Town Gay: Growing Up Different in the South by Logan Lee ⦿ Silver Medalist - The Global Book Awards ⦿ Red Ribbon Winner - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards
  • Tragic Hero by Wally Bressler ⦿ Quilly Award Winner - The National Academy of Bestselling Authors
  • BS in Psychology and Theological Studies

Work experience


Jan, 2014 — Present

Since 2014, I have been immersed in the freelance world, allowing my love of
short-form content to evolve into ghostwriting manuscripts and book proposals. In 2020, I transitioned into full-time ghostwriting after six years in the corporate writing space.

I have since ghostwritten 20 books and seen my clients signed by various traditional publishers, including Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Hachette.

Alee Anderson Editorial

Apr, 2020 — Dec, 2022 (over 2 years)

Bestselling ghostwriter and former HarperCollins editor Alee Anderson brought me on as her editorial assistant and ghostwriting apprentice in 2020.

At Alee Anderson Editorial, I was taught how to ghostwrite manuscripts and book proposals that would captivate the industry's top agents and acquisitions editors. Since then, our collaborative projects have landed several traditional publishing deals and have ensured client satisfaction and endless entertainment.


Jan, 2019 — Mar, 2020 (about 1 year)

After years as a technical writer at Kemberton, I was asked to develop and implement a standardized training program for the Data Integrity department. Throughout my time as a learning management specialist, I was regularly flown to our other locations around the country to teach the curriculum I'd written and curated.


Aug, 2014 — Jan, 2019 (over 4 years)

As a technical writer at Kemberton, I wrote program manuals, glossaries, and training assessments that would later be converted to digital platforms and used as corporate educational material.


Book Ghostwriting
Short-Form Content
Book Ghostwriting Short-Form Content
Tragic Hero

Bressler, Wally

Book Ghostwriting
Book Ghostwriting

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