Anna Arkhipova

Anna Arkhipova – Designer

Illustrator with a love of painting fantasy characters that pop with personality and vibrant color.


I'm an artist currently based in Seattle, WA.

My art makes use of bold color to create fantastical, strange, and striking scenes. I specialize in designing characters to bring their personalities to life, and strive to use bold lighting and shapes to push the mood of every piece I paint. I'm very passionate about fantasy fiction, narrative games, and TTRPGs, so I'm always happy to support writing with visuals as best as I can!

My current illustration work is in freelance and game art assets, and I have worked on community-created zines in the past. I'm also a student at the University of Washington, pursuing a degree in Interactive Media Design. Aside from all that, I'm constantly worldbuilding, writing, and doodling about my litany of personal fantasy and sci-fi projects – my imagination never turns off, it seems!
Art Nature
Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG LGBTQ Fiction Urban Fantasy

Work experience

Good Enough Games

Oct, 2022 — Dec, 2022 (2 months)

● Designed and illustrated character expression sprites for use in a game.
● Maintained regular communication with writers and programmers to ensure a unified player experience.
● Estimated and re-estimated project completion times based on changing circumstances.

Alchemy Art Group

Oct, 2017 — May, 2018 (7 months)

● Created detailed illustrations for use in printed merchandise, such as art books and a card deck.
● Adhered to a tight release schedule and followed strict print formatting guidelines.


May, 2017 — Present

● Illustrated custom character and environment art on a deadline, based on client request.
● Communicated clearly and positively to understand clients’ needs and expedite the commission process.
● Maintained an accurate, up-to-date portfolio and commission pricing website.
● Marketed on several social media platforms, attracting a modest following on Twitter.