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Trevor Allan

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Trevor's books

A 32 page illustrated book for children with fun cartoon illustrations. Dudley Dilbar dreamed that one day he would have "Dudley's Pasteurized Milk" written on the labels of his milk bottles, but his farm was far too small for the milk tankers to call upon. How would a very lazy man, a lolly tr...

A 24 page illustrated children's book. Scientists on earth send a rover to Mars to collect some specimens. Meanwhile a little Mars rover travels to Earth to collect items that might prove Martians once lived there. The story with fun illustrations, also explains why we sometimes lose things ...

Live on Discovery

F.Aarty. A legend.

A 46 Page graphic novel for children. The world has only 30 years of air left and scientists clamber to find a solution. One eminent scientist has a theory, but it would mean the elimination of most of the animals on earth. The only person who may be able to save the world and all the animals has...

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About me
I am a self taught illustrator, cartoonist and was published as an illustrator for 'Poppa McPhee gets the eggs" by John Parker, published by Scholastic NZ. I have been a cartoonist for magazines and newspapers. I am now retired and have time to publish five children's books.
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