E. V. Svetova

E. V. Svetova

Where lies the line between fantasy and reality? Can you have it all? Can you imagine?

E. V. Svetova

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E. V.'s books

Live on Discovery

Over The Hills Of Green

For the lovers of Neil Gaiman and Alice Hoffman: Otherworldly and mundane collide when a young New York psychologist takes on a charismatic patient who may be delusional or may literally come from the Otherworld of her suppressed childhood nightmares. Driven to solve the intriguing case, Anna ...

For the fans of Neil Gaiman and Roald Dahl's storytelling: a down-to-earth teen girl must get back home from the Otherworld before the fairytale dream turns into a nightmare. Fourteen-year-old Anna has just moved to New York with her mother and stepfather, and she hates everything about her new...

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About me
E. V. Svetova studied psychology as an undergrad and received her Master’s from NYU. She lives at the edge of the last natural forest on the island of Manhattan with her husband, a digital artist, sharing their old apartment with an ever-expanding library and a spoiled English bulldog.
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