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Over The Hills Of Green


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"Over the Hills of Green" is a modern fantasy novel that challenges social mores, prejudices, and the concept of a successful life.

"Over the Hills of Green" by E.V. Svetova is a modern fantasy novel that challenges social mores, prejudices, and the concept of a successful life.

Anna is a strong independent woman. Motivated to excel in her university studies of psychology, she is thrilled to be assigned a "John Doe." His case of amnesia is a perfect puzzle for her problem-solving mind, and will make an excellent thesis project. 

As her study of John continues, she begins to believe there is something inhuman about him. His dramatic good looks are magical enough, but there is evidence that he possesses other-worldly qualities. 

Her pride, focus, and hum-drum relationships are put on hold as she obsesses over her would-be patient, who is quickly becoming a friend, and much, much more.

The characters in this book are well drawn. Their background stories and motivations were clear and meaningful. Anna was relatable as a woman who has had to change her priorities and goals because of family circumstances. Her resoluteness in succeeding at her profession seemed natural. The intimate relationships she shared showed that even as a strong woman, she still faltered between love and convention. Adding John to her life disrupted her longing sense of routine and normalcy, but she found herself so drawn to him, and comfortable in their burgeoning friendship, that she began to question herself and her life choices. The world as she knew it was forever changed by this mysterious man, and she knew she would never see life the same way again.

John was an intriguing character from the start, and I was relieved when he didn't turn out to be a "Twilight" type of superhuman. The magic and adventure brought forth by his presence was both endearing and breathtaking.

I am not usually a "romance reader," but this storyline depended on the love and lust powerfully pushing the pounding plot forward. Excellently written.

I would recommend this to fans of "The Lord of the Rings," and "Inu-Yasha," and everybody seeking a magical romance in an average world.

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Friday, November 28

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E. V. Svetova studied psychology as an undergrad and received her Master’s from NYU. She lives at the edge of the last natural forest on the island of Manhattan with her husband, a digital artist, sharing their old apartment with an ever-expanding library and a spoiled English bulldog. view profile

Published on December 16, 2019

Published by Ananke Press

30000 words

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Genre: Magical Realism

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