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Eight Years

For seventeen years, Millie’s life was perfect. Then her dad died, and she discovered the secret he never wanted her to know. She’s been chasing the truth for eight years. Just when she’s getting close, she meets a man who could derail everything. She knows she should run from him, but somethin...

The sequel to Eight Years from author Donna Schwartze. Reality. Who needs it? Definitely not Millie. She’s had enough to last a lifetime. In the past six months, she finally found out who killed her mom and took out a terrorist network in the process. Phew! Enough reality. It’s time for a l...

The third book of The Trident Trilogy. What happens if you find out the only thing you’re sure about is a lie? Through the crazy twists and turns of her young life, Millie’s only been sure of one thing: her dad’s undying love for her. So what happens when she finds out he might not really b...

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Donna Schwartze writes mouthwatering alpha heroes in aggressive pursuit of strong, yet slightly vulnerable heroines. Her favorite character from her books is Mack from The Trident Trilogy. Be the first to know when she publishes a new book by signing up for her email newsletter at
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