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The Only Reason (Trident Trilogy: Book Two)


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Join Millie Marsh she embarks on a journey to find her family. Be ready for bloodshed, drama, Navy SEALs, romance and so much more...

The Only Reason is the second book in the Trident Trilogy. It is a beautifully written sequel to Eight Years yet it also works perfectly as a stand-alone book. It is filled to the brim with navy SEALs, romance, action and story that simply whisks you away.

Mille Marsh, ex CIA agent and daughter of navy SEAL Mack Marsh returns, forced back into the heart of the action yet again because of her family. There’s certainly no surprise that her navy SEAL squad is along for the ride (fronted by her adoring boyfriend Mason). Read as she discovers more of her hidden family, how she is dragged back into the CIA and sit with mouth agape as shocking truths are discovered, threatening everything within her world...oh and national security too.

My review for this book can only be a love note. I am equally as hooked by the story in Millie’s voice as well as Mason’s’. It is so well written, realistic and never over dramatised. Once again, Donna Schwartze has written a fantastic book both as a sequel and as a stand-alone book which is no mean feat. The writing style is still flawless, swapping between the different points of view just like it’s predecessor and there is never a dull or forced moment within. The expanding collection of characters only help to enrich the story and never once hampers the story in any way. Yet again I was hooked in minutes and devoured the book page by page until I finished the book within hours of sitting down.

I am overjoyed by the fact that this sequel not only lived up to the first but the fact that one day soon there will be a third book to complete this trilogy! Donna Schwartze, you have done it again! I definitely cannot wait to read whatever you write next...

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I'm Beckie, an avid reader, and a creative person. I own my own book business creating sketchbooks and journals by hand - but I love reading too! I wasn't aware of my dyslexia until I was 19 but it has never stopped me from devouring every book I've managed to get my hands on!


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Donna Schwartze writes mouthwatering alpha heroes in aggressive pursuit of strong, yet slightly vulnerable heroines. Her favorite character from her books is Mack from The Trident Trilogy. Be the first to know when she publishes a new book by signing up for her email newsletter at donnaschwartze.com view profile

Published on December 28, 2020

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

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