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Stephanie Albright

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Finding Home

Abbie is miserable and she doesn’t even know it until one night she turns left instead of right and just keeps going. This one small decision changes everything. It leads her to find pieces of herself that she didn’t even know were missing, and healing for things she never understood. She is brav...

Live on Discovery

The Long Walk Home: EMP

Sophie is at work on Friday morning, when the power goes out. As she waits for it to be restored she notices that her fully charged cell phone won’t turn on. A horrifying thought crosses her mind and she runs to look out the window. The street is full of cars that are all stalled and people milli...

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About me
Stephanie Albright grew up in Ohio. In 1986 she went to Mississippi for the summer and never went back. She now lives in Alabama with a small flock of chickens and a very angry cat. Look for me on Patreon!
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