Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy

Writer, Entrepreneur, Traveler and Occasional Athlete

Mike McCoy

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Mike's books

An asteroid storm of apocalyptic proportions is headed for Earth. A mysterious group within the government called the Arcadians led by Colonel Cruikshank knows the storm is coming. This corrupt shadow government took extreme measures to keep the storm secret while building underground cities to ...

What if we found an ancient race… by mistake? Trapped in their ship for an eternity, Mas Gwinyai and his mates toil through their tedious routine, holding onto hope, unwilling to die. Mas has time in abundance, so he sets out to write the ageless history of conflict between the Karanga and the...

Live on Discovery

On the Waterfront

At thirteen years old, Danny Novak faced challenges of self-acceptance, abuse, mortality, and death. It was the best summer of his life and the darkest days he ever lived. When Danny arrives at Camp Baker in June 1972, he is happy to be away. Away from his mom, his bratty little brother, their ...

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About me
Mike McCoy is a novelist. His debut novel ASTEROIDS–Bridge to Nowhere, received high praise from critics and was selected as a semifinalist for the 2020 Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize. Mike is also an international businessman and a serial entrepreneur who has traveled extensively.
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