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Freedom Pledge

Outmanned, outclassed, outgunned. Can this Anglo-Irish soldier reach beyond his training to save the allied effort? Crimean shores, 1854. Young Lieutenant Samuel Kingston is eager to prove himself in combat. But after a traitor fiendishly sets him and his handful of Lancers adrift in a storm, he...

The Kingston family made enemies of their own class, the privileged Anglo-Irish landowners, when they defended the downtrodden Irish during the Great famine. Now these aristocratic landowners retaliate against the family. Thrilling adventure of revenge and redemption that immerses you in t...

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About me
I was born in Ireland and lived in the USA before moving to Costa Rica. My adventures as an international yacht racer and professional deep-sea diver provided the hair-rising experiences that allow me to share the raw emotions of fear and conflict with readers.
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