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Anything but Treason (Book 1 of Adventures of a Victorian Soldier Series)


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A part of history usually ignored and one that created the world we live in today - a war that shaped many a life.

The Crimean War is largely forgotten about outside of academic circles and history enthusiasts. It is a war that laid the foundation for WWI and thus for WWII. To read a fictional piece set in the middle of it is a treat that an avid historical fiction reader can't pass up.

War is never pretty. And the execution of it can be even worse. Those in charge of the war sometimes should not be anywhere a decision is being made. Those who know that and want to do the right thing sometimes are caught in the middle of power plays that decide the fates of each man. Those in charge are titled lords with no military experience. Yet men die under them.

Honor is challenged on the field. Integrity is questioned. Boys turn into men.

This story is extremely well-written. The description of the camp scenes and battles scenes is not heavy yet paints the perfect picture to have the reader feel present in the heat of it all. All the senses are brought into play without making it "literary heavy". It is a modern tale written with depth.

The characters are rich and full of life. They gave the story color and direction. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and following them as the story progressed. They were real.

A story that goes beyond just a plot. This is history coming alive. You'll be wanting to know more about the war and the people in it after you read this book. Fiction? Yes, but it is based on history and full of tantalizing scenes. War is not pretty, neither are the parties involved.

I highly suggest you read this book. Great break from your life to dive into a bit unknown history territory. Give it a try. You won't regret it.

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I was born in Ireland and lived in the USA before moving to Costa Rica. My adventures as an international yacht racer and professional deep-sea diver provided the hair-rising experiences that allow me to share the raw emotions of fear and conflict with readers. view profile

Published on December 15, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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