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Live on Discovery

Sex, Violence, Mars

Ginger, an out-of-shape bounty hunter, travels to Mars to hunt Earth's most dangerous criminal: the mysterious Alex Patrick Symbol. But with the odds stacked against him, Ginger's chances of survival are slim, and his chances of success even slimmer. The obstacles in his way are myriad. But h...

Cheated of her inheritance, Jessica Arkadin is the only one who can and will fight her brother in his quest to weaponize and sell to the highest bidder their late father's life changing mind-control technology.

Two street hustlers struggle to make a living on Mars. Can they overcome their challenges, pay their rent, and survive the bedlam of Landing Pad 9?

About me
Walrus is a pseudonymous collaboration between two old friends who wanted to write stories, but not get fired from their day jobs. Follow along, if you dare! :)
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