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Sex, Violence, Mars: The Ballad of Left of Right


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Sex, Violence, Mars -- the title says it all. Follow heroes Left and Right as they try to survive living on Mars.

REVIEW: Sex,Violence, and Mars: The Ballad of Left and Right by Walrus

Sex,Violence, and Mars: The Ballad of Left and Right by Walrus, is a short story that takes place on Mars (ergo the title). It’s a scant forty-nine pages long, but they are action-filled pages.

There are the good guys, Left and Right. There’s a minor villain, Dominique, a super villain, Keiser, and, of course, a hooker with a heart of gold, Josie. There’s a S.U.Z.I., an almost indestructible fighting robot, and an unending supply of moustachioed drone fighters who, of course, are commanded by Keiser — every super villain needs an army!

The story opens up with Left and Right getting ripped off, and being left with a pile of plastic money, now worthless, instead of the electro currency credits they need to survive on Landing Pad Nine. Central Market, the neighbourhood where Left and Right live and "work," is a bit of a slum — you know the kind of place where all the people of questionable repute hang out and conduct business of a nefarious sort.  But right now, business has gone sideways for Left and Right, and they need money — electro — fast, because without money, you’re dead. Literally.  Everyone living on Mars needs a life support suit, but the suits have to be recharged, at a cost, and our heroes are running on fumes — again, literally. No money, no recharge, no oxygen — you're dead.  

In desperation they reluctantly contact Dominique. Left and Dominique have a history, which is the reason for the reluctance. But right now they need help converting their worthless plastic money into electro, and Dominique is their only option. They just want her help, but she has other plans for our heroes — a quid pro quo, if you wish. There ensues a journey back into the belly of the beast, and a confrontation with Keiser and his minions.

Sex,Violence, and Mars: The Ballad of Left and Right moves along quickly. Right and Left move from one scheme to another, where getting ripped off is a constant for them. The whole Martian environment is presented very well by Walrus. They have succinctly described the conditions and situations, so the reader can understand what’s going on — a must in science fiction.  Too often the world building is either too detailed or too scant. Walrus does it just right.

Sci-fi readers will like this book. People who aren’t sure they like sci-fi will be able get a quick taste, without committing to a longer format. I’m not usually as sci-fi reader, but there are a lot of good books out there, working to change my mind, including this quick read. 

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Walrus is a pseudonymous collaboration between two old friends who wanted to write stories, but not get fired from their day jobs. Follow along, if you dare! :) view profile

Published on May 13, 2022

10000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Science Fiction

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