Jodi Adams

Jodi Adams

Mom and Author of The Train Rolls On series, rhyming children’s books that teach perseverance and teamwork

Jodi Adams

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The Train Rolls On

A determined train races the clock to deliver a lively bunch of animals to the zoo for its grand opening. Will the animals arrive in time for their big debut? The train encounters several obstacles along the way, but...THE TRAIN ROLLS ON! With its catchy, rhyming text, beautiful illustrations, an...

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s reindeer have spent the day getting pampered at an Arctic spa in preparation for their annual journey around the world. Now, the Animal Express races the clock to return the reindeer to the North Pole before Santa’s departure. Will they arrive in time to guide Sant...

About me
Jodi Adams is a former Crime Scene Investigator turned stay-at-home mom and children's book author. When she is not reading or writing, Jodi loves to cook and bake, run, golf, and spend time with her family. She grew up in Iowa but now lives in Omaha, NE, with her husband and two kids.
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