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Nixie and the Healer

**Opposites attract when a wild water energetic must work with an experienced but damaged air energetic to save their friend from being destroyed by a mysterious illness.** Nixie likes fun, creating art, and sex - not necessarily in that order. When her beloved, yet overly-reliable cousin tel...

A mysterious prophecy. Six very different couples.

 Sage. Communicator. Healer. Warrior. Creator. Protector. Can they find love and stop the coming threat before it destroys them?

 Meet The Twelve. 

They don’t all know it yet, but they’re destined to work together to save their wor...

About me
British-born psychologist Ellen Bard is the author of the paranormal romance series The Energetics. She loves travel, coffee, adventures, productivity tips, personal growth and romance novels - not necessarily in that order. She lives with her Fox in Thailand where she's (almost!) never cold.
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