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The Energetics Series (Books 1-3)


Loved it! 😍

With Chakras, magic, danger, and love, there is something here for everyone! A magnificent mix that is refreshing in its own individuality

Blaize and the Maven is the first book in this box set and we not only get their story but also an introduction into the world of magic and chakras. We start with Blaize taking her test for her dominant chakra (Manipura). Blaize is also just as strong with her auxiliary chakra (Ajna) but she hasn't worked with it. After passing her test she is sent to work with Cuinn, an Ajna Maven.

This was such a fantastic start to the series and I was completely drawn into their world. It is an amalgamation of 'normal' and 'magical' and some characters, like Rosa, actually straddle the two whilst being completely unaware.

Tierra and Fintan star in the second book. This pair have known each other for a long time, and Tierra has crushed on Fintan from afar, being his confidante but making sure her feelings for him are hidden. Fintan is the playboy of the group, never seeing Tierra as anything other than a little sister. Of course, that all changes once the prophecy gets involved.

Blaize and Cuinn continue to play a role in the overall story arc as it progresses but the light really shines on Tierra and Fintan. Tierra is such an innocent blend of homeliness and naive sexiness. Fintan doesn't know what to do with her, which is something I loved! Working through their difficulties and situations helps shed some light on the prophecy and helps them all see just what it is they are up against.

Nixie and Jeb are the final couple in this box-set. Nixie is almost opposite to Jeb in every single way, but the attraction is there between them both. Unfortunately, Tierra is caught up in the web once more, and her life hangs in the balance as Nixie and Jeb try to find a way to save her.

More of the story becomes clear in this book, with the female 'big bad' finally becoming recognisable. The male BB, Elrian, doesn't appear to be faring too well in this book, and I think she will play a bigger role in future books.

Nixie and Jeb have to work hard to overcome barriers, and I fully understood Nixie's frustration with Jeb. Yes, his fear was understandable, but it was like stopping using your arm because your hand hurt someone.

I am loving the magic in these books. The chakras of those mentioned are all recognisable now, but I do still have to go and check when one is mentioned that I haven't heard much about. Luckily there is a great section which details what each one is.

This was a brilliant box-set, introducing a whole new magic system and big bad. I have loved all three stories, and I can't wait to continue with the series. Highly recommended by me.

I received an Advanced Review Copy of the book on Reedsy Discovery.

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Published on September 01, 2019

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