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Eleanor Chance is an award-winning writer of suspense, thriller, and historical women's fiction.

Eleanor Chance

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Solar Fury

SOLAR FURY is Book I in the thrilling post-apocalyptic survival trilogy SHATTERED SUNLIGHT! Navigating life is no picnic for young widowed surgeon, Riley Poole, so when a global solar flare strikes - destroying the power grid and stranding her in Washington, D.C. with her teenage daughter - it w...

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Shades of Brilliance

Escape into the golden days of Renaissance Venice with Celeste Gabriele, an impoverished nanny who risks losing all she holds dear, perhaps even her life, to pursue her passion of becoming a master painter and win the heart of the nobleman she loves. Readers of Tracy Chevalier, Hilary Mantel, an...

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Hunting Daybreak

In the aftermath of a global solar flare that has decimated the human population and wreaked havoc on the world’s power grid, Dr. Riley Poole embarks on a treacherous 1,500-mile journey to learn the fate of her two youngest children. After making the heart-wrenching choice to leave her injured te...

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Hope Ignites

Two years after a Coronal Mass Ejection strikes Earth - killing billions and destroying all vestiges of modern technological life - Dr. Riley Poole struggles to keep her family and career together as she continues the desperate search for her missing daughter, Julia. When Riley gets news that J...

When love of home and family collide with desire for fame and fortune in Renaissance Italy, Celeste Gabriele finds herself thrust into a world she's unprepared to face. Just as Celeste has achieved all she's ever dreamed of; marriage to a handsome Florentine Duke, three beautiful children, and...

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Eleanor Chance is an award-winning writer of suspense, thriller, and historical women's fiction, who thrives on crafting tales of everyday superheroes. Her novel, Arms of Grace, is a finalist in consideration for production by Wind Dancer Films and a silver medalist in the Readers' Favorite Awards.
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