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Britta Jensen

Britta Jensen

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Two planets with a shared destiny. Four communities bound in disability. Two blind teens trying to love each other. On the remote planet of Eloia, Dex and Leanora live in two worlds that intersect: the world of seeing and the world of the blind. Leanora alone travels between them. But she ...

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Hirana's War

Hirana's War continues the saga of Eloia Born as Leanora trains with Gulnaz and her fellow comrades on the planet Hirana. Extraordinary power brings great uncertainty… After finding love on her long trek across the Eloian wilderness, Leanora is ready to settle down with Tarrok and begin th...

About me
Britta Jensen grew up in Yokosuka, Japan and has spent twenty-two years overseas in Japan, South Korea, and Germany. Her debut novel, Eloia Born, was long-listed for the 2016 Exeter Novel Prize. Britta's short stories have been short-listed for the 2017 Henshaw Press and Fiction Factory prizes.
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