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Hirana's War


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Interesting take on disabilities with a dash of romance in a sci-fi dystopia world.

Hirana's War is the sequel to the original story of Eloia Born, with more information on that on Goodreads. Look there for more information on that prior to reading this novel.

One of the main aspects of this duology is that Leanora and the rest of the citizens of Eloia were left blind due to the Mist, but Leanora is able to see fragments when the light is right. So on a planet of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. That saying is familiar and can sound somewhat demeaning to those who have learned how to live throughout being blind, without it defining who they are or seeing it as some sort of deficiency. In this case, it almost made it seem like it made the people of Eloia broken. It almost made Leanora semi-broken because she could only see a little bit, and what made her special was her musical gifts. It gave her power, and while I think that can be seen as a cool aspect to her, I could also see how that can be damaging to people who were born blind, who became blind later on in life, and aren't able to have such abilities. There's a way to write disabilities without making it seem like a burden, and that is something that authors need to be very careful with.

In addition to the disability aspect, Leanora is tasked with the quest to alter the past events of her mother's planet. While war may have torn the planet apart, and this is something that Leanora was used to know about from the first novel, maybe she and Tarrok will be able to work with someone named Gulnaz to change the outcome that hey know about. Despite the behavior that Gulnaz shows Leanora, and how it may be seen as more of a detriment to the goals that Leanora has for this mission, there may be some positive outcomes to this partnership, and that's something that will come with time and trust.

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Britta Jensen grew up in Yokosuka, Japan and has spent twenty-two years overseas in Japan, South Korea, and Germany. Her debut novel, Eloia Born, was long-listed for the 2016 Exeter Novel Prize. Britta's short stories have been short-listed for the 2017 Henshaw Press and Fiction Factory prizes. view profile

Published on October 01, 2020

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