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Writing Prompts Gone Wild

We're living in wild times. It should come as no surprise, then, that a book of writing prompts has gone absolutely wild, too. Usually reserved for lonely authors yearning to learn the craft, writing prompts are handy, bite-sized directionals designed to point writers of all shapes and sizes ...

Love. Friendship. Trauma. Identity. Vampire Sex. Young Adult fiction covers all the complicated coming-of-age subjects that make growing up such a unique experience. But for every YA story told with subtlety and skill, there are a thousand dull, cliché-riddled turds out there, written by a bunch...

There's no place like Hollywood. Yet after decades of ignoring abuses of power, sequeling itself silly, and rebooting every godforsaken franchise into oblivion, Hollywood has made one thing clear: it needs a hero to save it . . . from itself. And that hero is you: an audacious writer too cool ...

About me
Aaron Barry is a retired porn star, lifelong film buff, and current enfant terrible, whose work has been featured in over forty publications. Like Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, Finn Wolfhard, and a ton of forgettable D-listers, he hails from the rain-soaked metropolis of Vancouver, Canada.
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