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Writing Prompts Gone Wild


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Writing Prompts Gone Wild lives up to its title: this is your usual book of prompts drunk, on a beach, flashing its tits for the camera.

Writing Prompts Gone Wild lives up to its title: this is your usual book of writing prompts drunk, on a beach, flashing its tits for the camera. Your usual book of writing prompts going through its edgy, shrooms-eating phase. Your usual book of writing prompts if it had half its brain replaced with a Cards Against Humanity deck.

There are plenty of free writing prompts scattered across the internet, which I regularly go in search of, but the vast majority are dull, uninspiring plot starters. ‘Write a story through diary entries.’ ‘Write a story from the point of view of a child.’ Snore. Good ones are easier to find if you’re willing to part with a little cash, but I’ve yet to come across prompts so inspirationally depraved, strange, and gross as Aaron Barry’s. 

These are the writing prompts for you if the yardstick you measure your fiction by is how many people call it ‘disgusting’. Barry screens for this type of writer in his introduction, these are prompts ‘designed to allow you to indulge in your most sinful fantasies’. He encourages his readers to write the origin story of their own cult, an iambic pentameter poem about their love of hardcore pornography, and a story about a naked, office intern fight club. 

In a moment of welcome self-awareness, knowing exactly who he might be attracting with some of his prompts, he invokes Chuck Palahniuk (‘some sentence fragment-wielding novelist with a penchant for writing ultraviolence’) in a prompt designed to get us writing with all five senses. What would the fight with ‘the dipshit that dared to cut you off during your morning commute’ smell like?

Like with Cards Against Humanity, there are a few prompts in here that might be considered ‘crossing the line’ by some, but the overall mood is so lighthearted, encouraging play and taking risks, that it gets away with pushing some buttons. This is part of the reason I think this would be an ideal prompt book for comedy writers and comedy writing groups - Barry himself suggests a way of gamifying the book for a group setting - many of these prompts could inspire comedy poems, sketches or even stand-up monologues. 

Writing Prompts Goes Wild combines traditional creative writing lessons with unique subject matter and a level of playfulness ripe for all kinds of uses. Whether you’re trying creative writing for the first time, looking for warm up exercises, something to break your writer's block, or inspiration for your next award-winning short story, Aaron Barry has got your back.

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Aaron Barry is a retired porn star, lifelong film buff, and current enfant terrible, whose work has been featured in over forty publications. Like Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, Finn Wolfhard, and a ton of forgettable D-listers, he hails from the rain-soaked metropolis of Vancouver, Canada. view profile

Published on May 17, 2020

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