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If you’re an early twenty-something who loves YA, but wishes there were a more specific niche for people just a little bit older, you’re in luck: that niche exists, and it’s new adult!

Featuring protagonists aged 18-25 and focusing on the unique emotions, challenges, and experiences that accompany this stage of life, new adult books are a recent trend that’s on a meteoric rise. Whether you’re a college student, a struggling employee, an unlucky-in-love romantic who keeps swiping left, or all of the above, you’re sure to discover some relatable and deeply affecting prose in the pages of new adult titles.

Fortunately, here at Reedsy Discovery, you can access the best new adult books as soon as they’re reviewed! Keep your eyes on this page and follow the reviewers you love — because chances are, they’ll have some sensational recommendations for you in the future.

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