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Broken Like Me


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If you're eager for a tale of past regret, new beginnings, new love, and vulnerability---look no further than BROKEN LIKE ME.

In Kaitie Howie's Broken Like Me, we follow the story of Rose and her daughter, moving into a new apartment in an effort to disappear and leave Rose's dark past behind her forever. But when they meet a few current residents of the building, they can't help but be attracted by their charismatic personalities... and similar traumas Rose had hoped would stay buried.

From the moment I read the synopsis for Kaitie Howie's Broken Like Me, I knew I eventually had to read this book. Reading how Rose wanted to escape her past, only to come face-to-face with it again, potentially in a strangers-to-lovers trope, with someone who experienced similar trauma, I was eager to see where the story would go. . .

And I was far from disappointed. Howie's writing style is incredibly enthralling, raw, and flows so easily, making this a quick, emotional, and mighty read. This is a book I fully expect to continue digesting and processing for weeks to come, but for all the right reasons. Where some stories leave me thinking about them in confusion, trying to figure out what actually happened, others keep calling me back with their unique stories, their memorable characters, and the aftershock of emotions that comes after the final page. This book absolutely fell in that second category.

There are also dark themes in this book that some readers will find triggering: miscarriage and childbirth, sexual assault, and domestic abuse, as well as overtones of depression, anxiety, and the processing of post-traumatic stress. Howie impressively handled these tough subjects and interwove them into the plot. While they were important elements and enriched the story, they did not completely take over the story or halt the storyline or development of the characters.

Broken Like Me is a critical, compelling story that anyone who enjoys literary and dramatic elements in their favorite books should read.

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Kaitie Howie is a writer and middle school social studies teacher, and spends most of her free time reading or writing with coffee and her cat. She grew up in a small town in Florida, frequently goes on about the intersection of psychology and fiction writing, and lives for pop culture trivia. view profile

Published on June 15, 2021

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Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

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