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The Wild Adventure of Mitch and the Sand Bridge


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Mitch is headed off for a family summer vacation, but all is not as it should be! A well-written adventure that keeps you on your toes!

Mitch and his family are heading off to the beach for a summer vacation. The long drive to their vacation spot in Sandbridge is fairly typical, with a car full of kids bickering and asking how much longer the drive is going to take. Yet, there is also an underlying air of sadness that looms over the family. Mitch is trying hard to hide his emotions, and he can already sense that this trip is difficult for his Mom, as his Dad has recently passed away.

Mitch is hoping for a ride on his bike alone, with nothing to think about but yelling at joggers and enjoying the wind in his hair. No such luck. His bratty cousin Stan is behind him, yelling for Mitch to wait for him. Despite trying his utmost to avoid him, Mitch ends up hanging out with his cousin. The two soon discover that the Island used to be run by pirates, and there is a legend of buried treasure. However, being kids, there might also be a sliver of a chance that maybe it's aliens who are about to invade the island and start a war! It's definitely not a normal summer holiday.

A great novel for middle-grade readers. It is engaging and approachable for both kids and adults alike. The story is well-paced, moving quickly along and drawing you into Mitch's summer adventure. It's like you were one of his cousins, tagging along for a wild and crazy ride. At the same time, the author handles the difficult emotions of a family grieving for their father and the memories from past summers. Those uncomfortable silences and being on the verge of tears because your normal family vacation will never truly be normal again.

I think that Zach Hawrot is a natural storyteller with a great voice for middle-grade novels. I look forward to reading his future books. Well done!

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An avid reader since Grade school, I think there is nothing better than losing yourself in a good book. I've also taken on the role of finding great books for my niece and nephew to read so I pre-read quite a few middle grade and YA novels to find great books to inspire their love of reading.

Welcome to Sandbridge

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ZACH HAWROT is a writer from a small town, a husband, and a father of four beautiful — and sometimes feral — children. After writing spec screenplays for over ten years, he decided to write his first book, this book. view profile

Published on October 27, 2023

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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