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The Perfect Athlete


Loved it! 😍

This book breaks down food, nutrition, and exercise in words that many will have no difficulty comprehending.

Proper nutrition can be tricky. What is suitable for one person may not be good for another. Picking out the appropriate exercise regime can also be confusing. How long or often should I work out? What exercises would benefit my goals? This book breaks it all down in words that many will have no difficulty comprehending. 

The opening chapter explains key terms, such as metabolism, nutrients, supplements, etc. This chapter also touches upon seeking out a dietitian or nutritionist for guidance. I've known several people who've been overwhelmed with what to eat, what not to eat, and have sought out professional advice. No shame there! 

Picking an exercise routine that targets specific muscle groups can also be tricky. Eating the right foods also contribute to a training program. In this chapter, the author discusses macronutrients, "essentially the consumable substances that humans need an abundance of to survive." 

I want to point out that, in chapter two, Olivier Doleuze states, "this book is predominantly for athletes and aspiring fitness enthusiasts." I believe the average person CAN benefit from the book. Science majors and those taking biology in public school can use this book to guide their studies. I'm not an athlete anymore, but I enjoyed the section A BIT OF HISTORY. It was quite interesting!

Part TWO points out that most body types fall under three main categories- endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs. Those might be foreign terms for you. They were for me, but don't fret, the author defines them in layman's terms. There is a bit of an anatomy lesson here, but it's basic. They give you general info on where muscles are located—for example, pecs (chest) and quads (front of thighs). We also learn using particular movements/exercises will work more than one muscle at a time. Yes, the author lists some activities that achieve this effect. 

They also give important information like "Antioxidants from dark red and purple fruits block certain reactive proteins, limiting inflammation in joints.("Eight Essential Nutrients" 2022)" And "Vitamin E prevents symptoms of tendinitis." As a person with tendinitis, this tidbit proved very useful. See, as I said above, non-athletes can benefit from this book! 

There is so much material covered in The Perfect Athlete by Olivier Doleuze that I could write another couple hundred words, and I haven't touched upon the areas discussing mental health in sports yet. FYI: I know from experience that sports can take their toll on a person's mental health! 

We all know some information provided in the book: soda and beer are bad, baked over fried, salad dressing ALWAYS on the side, consume low amounts of red meat, watch sugar intake, and track your progress (weight and measurements). 

I like to end this review with a line from the book that EVERYONE should keep in mind when starting any diet or exercise routine... 

"Try to remember that weight is a only number and should only be used as a guideline (Until you are moving into professional levels where each ounce of body weight matters for weight class, mobility, and extreme body fat content control)."

For people who get hung up on the number on a scale, don't forget the beginning portion of the quote above. 

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Olivier Doleuze is a retired professional Jockey who has won over 1400 races in his career. He is now an author who is dedicated to helping others in achieving their goals. As a professional Jockey, Olivier is well-versed in nutrition studies, athletic preparation, and fitness training. view profile

Published on May 05, 2022

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