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The Monkey King Goes to South America


Not for me šŸ˜”

The adventure of Monkey King and his friends is an ok book, but could use better characters development and dialogues. Good story though...

The new Monkey King adventure starts with our lead character having a fight with his friend, Pigsy. They are in the Amazon Rainforest, in Brazil, and something is just deeply wrong: the forest is way too quiet. No animals or even insects. Then, giant transparent animals, Spirit Animals, show up attacking and destroying everything.

The Spirit Animals are after a princess and her powers. The story follows and the readers travels to Machu Picchu and Galapagos with, while Monkey King and his friends/allies are trying to protect the princess and save the forests and worlds (Earth and Kingdom of Heaven).

Although the story is ok and have many good elements, as environmental information, it falls short when it comes to the characters and dialogues. We don't get to learn anything deeper about them, and everything is very "straight forward" and rushed. Dialogues are plain and very simple. And sometimes lack meaning or reason.

Conflicts that could be explored and developed further are not. What once was a major point os disagreement in between two character is solved in two lines and in a very simplistic right/wrong way. As a reader, I felt at times the story was moving fast and lacking continuity, details and elements.

As a reader I like to merge with the book, "see and live" the story. I want expectation build and to be surprised. For an adventure/fantasy book these would be essential for me.

Unfortunately this one is not for me.

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This time the adventures take a different turn. The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, must face his most difficult challenge yet. Starting from Brazil, our group of friends travel to the Galapagos Islands where they encounter dangerous wildlife. They later end up in Machu Picchu where the Monkey King must save a princess and confront three animal lords. It becomes a battle for South America and his friends.

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Jeffrey Frisone is the founder of Monkey King Comics Publishing Company. Jeffrey has worked in the past as a retail owner for a comic book shop, a real estate agent, rental management, and a pizza delivery driver. Jeffrey now spends his days between flipping houses and his writing. view profile

Published on May 01, 2020

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Genre: Children's

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