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The Happiness Journal: Your daily inspirational sips toward reaching happiness


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A very informative book that would guide us towards an ultimate success.

"The Happiness Journal” by Viet Hung is definitely the most reliable source of warding off all the burdens of a depressed and worried mind. It acts like a tranquilizer and heals the mind more than a prescribed dose of a tranquilizer might ever do. The book in itself is a well-established rehabilitation center, it shows us the way towards a life full of all the meanings that we wouldn’t be able to explore otherwise. 

From the very start, a few questions are being asked from the readers:

“Are we living or just existing? Are we living for ourselves and being ourselves, or are we just living a dependent life? With each moment that passed by, what can we learn from it? What is the meaning that this life brings to us?”

These are the questions that relate to all of us, but it’s hard to find the answers by ourselves. The book is consisted of different parts that deal with the different stages of human thoughts, the thoughts that form the pattern of our daily life. The author says,

“The first step is to take your burdens off your shoulders and directly face them. You should not carry them on your shoulders and at the same time try to run away from them. In an objective reality, there are no labels of “failure” or “success”, because if we never fail, how can we know success? Those are just concepts and labels we stick onto things. They are not overly important.”

The author wants us to practice a certain kind of behavior that would help us to feel less afraid, less inferior and more confident while facing defeat. It’s hard to say that we would face defeat with open arms but it’s not an impossible thing if we want to practice it. The most important thing is that we must stop blaming us, stop blaming others for anything that goes wrong.

The old Chinese saying is: “Once faced with difficulties, normal people blame those on others. Good people blame those on themselves. But great  people blame no one.” The writer says, “So, stop! Stop criticizing and blaming. Instead, ask yourself, 'what can I contribute?'” He continues to say, “Get to know more about yourself. What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? What is your life’s purpose? What makes you happy? What job would be the most suitable for you? What can you contribute to this life.”

The author wants to assure us, “we should be confident that we can greatly influence our futures.” I am sure this book would definitely direct us towards a new perspective.

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Published on February 04, 2020

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