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Mystery, romance, and labradoodles create an intriguing story of trying to find your place in the world.

Stranded tells the story of Sophie Arundel, who finds herself transported to the English countryside. In 1925. Now trapped in the past with her intrepid and lovable labradoodle, Charlotte, Sophie must navigate her way through a society alien from her own while trying to find a way to get back home.

One of the first things that struck me about Stranded was how well written it is. It is polished and gleaming, much like the silverware you'd find in an English manor. I found myself intrigued from the very first page, engaged in Sophie's plight. Not only from her trying to figure out how to get home, but also to her trying to adjust from her modern views to a very antiquated way of thinking. She went from a society where women were pretty much equals to a society where women were expected to find a husband as quickly as possible. There are so many rules and expectations that women were expected to follow, and Sophie understandably struggles to adapt. Not to mention when she finally relented to wearing a corset. I really felt for her then.

The main focus of Stranded was Sophie trying to find a way back home, and it was an incredibly interesting conundrum she found herself in. It left me questioning: how did they get to 1925? The mystery of how they came to be in 1925s England drove the plot forward, and left me wanting to know more. The theories Sophie and her compatriots came up with, along with the knowledge that the England they are trapped in seems off somehow, were intriguing.

If you enjoy mysteries, romance, and period pieces, I'd highly recommend reading Stranded. It is the first in the Shorten Chronicles by Rosalind Tate, and it will leave you wanting to find out more. It has certainly left me feeling that way.

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Rosalind Tate lives in Gloucestershire, England. She served in the military, then worked as a journalist and a lawyer. She has grown up children, a tolerant husband and two utterly gorgeous dogs. Use this link to buy "Stranded" Book 1 of the Shorten Chronicles: view profile

Published on October 12, 2020

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