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Step Back and LEAP: 9 Keys to Unlocking your Life and Making Sh*t Happen


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Simple, very powerful read of 9 chapters with 2-3 exercises each bring the reading to life.

In the words of Patrick, “…If we’re not will to grow, then we’re standing still…refusing to change means we’re going backwards. It means we drown. It means we die.” 

This book is for that person who wants to grow, and is willing to learn new tricks to help themselves in that endeavor. Part how to, part workbook, and part story, this book provides a simple, but very powerful read promising to help the reader unlock their life and make Sh*t happen. 

Less than a dozen chapters with 9 focused on KEY actions (find your purpose, ikigai, uncover your values, unlock your goals, be accountable, ask for help, build a team, ask powerful questions, celebrate failures, and manage your energy) each provide a concept to help the reader take a giant leap forward. 

Each chapter is further supported by two to three exercises to bring the reading to life for the reader. Key #7, Exercise 3, for example, is about understanding the power of the pause. Not only is each exercise explained in terms of how to, but each also offers up additional wisdom related to implementing that specific exercise.

Interwoven through these chapters is Patrick’s own life story which serves to set up each lesson, amplify the issues, and underscore the value of applying the Lesson. Rather than focus on a single aspect of his life, Patrick brings scenarios into play that many readers will have been exposed to in their own lives.

Especially poignant for me was Patrick's realization and sharing that expectations of the parent are not necessarily aligned with goals of the child; and that to flourish the child (in this case Patrick) needs to pursue their own dreams.

A most thoroughly enjoyable, easy read that provided keen insight, had me read every word, and left me wondering for whom I will buy this book for this coming holiday season. 

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Key #1 - Find your purpose

About the author

Patrick Mork is a Belgian Entrepreneur, executive coach and motivational speaker. He is the founder and CEO of LEAP, a cultural transformation company based in Santiago, Chile. Prior to starting LEAP he spent over 20 years in several high profile technology startups and at Google. view profile

Published on February 14, 2023

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Self-Help & Self-Improvement

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