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Profreshional: A Guide to Surviving the Freshman Year of Your Professional Life


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Extremely insightful and enormously readable, this is the survival guide I wish I had when I was starting my career.

Do I ever read self-help books or career guides? No. Did I absolutely love this book and find it insightful yet funny? Hell, yes! I am not a twenty-something just starting my “first real job” so at first glance this did not seem like the book for me. However, I, like so many professionals in recent years decided to quit my job of many years and change course trying something new. So, a few months ago I started what was really my ‘second real job’ and if you think starting a job at an entry level position with little experience is scary, try starting somewhere new when you already have an impressive resume and everyone expects you to kick ass your first day out. It’s downright terrifying. Enter this fabulous little gem of a book. It is full of excellent tips and helpful advice for how to navigate the corporate world. From the basics like how to organize your outlook email to more global topics like work-life balance and how to make yourself essential, this is the guide I wish I had when I was just starting out, and the one I am so glad I found now.

Best of all, it is written in a funny and lighthearted tone that makes it easy to read. I didn’t feel like I was sitting in a business class lecture or an overhyped TED talk but rather getting advice from a very smart and hilariously funny friend who had all the answers. From prior experience, I can tell you that the advice the author gives is rock solid and incredibly helpful. I’m sure it will take some of the stress and anxiety out of starting a new job and give confidence that is essential to not only doing your job well, but even enjoying it.

The book is broken up into three major sections and although some of the chapters refer back to prior ones, you don’t have to read it straight through to understand the author’s point. I am sure this will be a resource that I will refer to in the future and it’s great that I will be able to just jump to the relevant section when I have a specific question or issue. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is starting a first job or a new job or just still feels like they need some guidance on how to navigate the pitfalls of the corporate world.

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Brooke Carter is an author & tech professional located in Seattle, WA. When she’s not working or writing you can find her enjoying a margarita (or two!) at her favorite local vegan restaurants. She published Profreshional in hopes to help others navigate their transition into working full-time. view profile

Published on December 15, 2021

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