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Prelude (Borderlands Book 0)


Loved it! 😍

An intense military fantasy with plenty of unique content and a promise of a vast open world to explore.

Borderlands: Prelude is a fast-paced and intense military fantasy with plenty of unique content and a promise of a vast open world to explore. It is a prequel novella that focuses on a patrol captain who scouts a ‘Misery’-like Borderlands to eliminate encroaching Spawn monsters before they cross over into human civilization.

The captain is written with a no-nonsense, Tomas Piety-like voice that solves problems via logical tactics while scoffing at frivolity. It’s for the best, as everything in the Borderlands is trying to kill you: problems range from environmental attacks, looping insanity, and many, MANY monsters great and small. The various threats are all unique to this story, and their names bring to mind Michael Fletcher’s Manifest Delusions series.

There’s not much character development at all in this story. There’s only two people who have major roles, and you don’t learn about one’s history until the final pages. Since this is a novella, I think the author’s intention was to focus on heavy action instead of character work and it succeeded in spades. My only complaint is perhaps the author could have pumped the brakes a few times instead of relentlessly chaining every action scene together from start to finish.

Overall, this story worked for me as I’m interested in picking up the next book in the series. If you start this, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading it in one sitting. 

8.0 / 10

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Published on April 03, 2019

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