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Nice Girl


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Nice Girl is an immersive and addictive novel that hooks the reader in from the very first page.

Nice Girl is an immersive and addictive novel that hooks the reader in from the very first page.

Set in 1960s Georgia, Nice Girl creates a visceral setting to hold an intensely interesting story. Throughout this text, Folsom does an incredible job of creating an evocative backdrop to her story, effortlessly describing the small-town setting that protagonist Callie is navigating. When it comes to the time period and location of this text, no historical feature is omitted. From the beginning of the novel straight through to the end, the reader is brought on a journey through the swinging 60’s, which is achieved by the use of sensual language, colloquial dialogue, visual descriptions, and honest societal constructs. I found the writer’s immense attention to detail in regards to time-line and setting to be one of Nice Girl’s greatest achievements.

Another fantastic element of Nice Girl is Folsom’s attention to detail in regards to characterization. Throughout the text, the reader journeys through a tumultuous time in protagonist Callie’s life, watching her mental state and values shift drastically as she grows from a child into a young woman. No taboo subject seems off-limits in Nice Girl, with themes of family, alcoholism, trauma, age-gap affairs, and loneliness all explored transparently and empathetically. While Callie is the main character in this novel, her familial and romantic relationships play a vital role in the development of the novel as a whole. These relationships are an intricate and important part of the novel’s storyline that the writer manages fantastically, developing characters just enough that they feel complex, but not so much to take away from the main focus of the text. Folsom’s acute attention to developing these relationships also aids the pace of the novel, which flows perfectly from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for a unique, engaging, and easy-to-read novel that doesn’t shy away from subjects that can often seem off-topic for a 1960’s setting, Nice Girl is the book for you. By juxtaposing the life of a seemingly “normal” fifteen-year-old girl with themes of age-gap relationships, family breakdown, and mental turmoil, the text takes on an interesting and immersive feel that all readers are sure to love.


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About the author

Julia Carol Folsom is an attorney and writer originally from Georgia. She holds MA and JD degrees from the University of North Carolina, and served in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General Corps before entering private practice. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida. This is her first novel. view profile

Published on November 15, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Women's Fiction

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