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         Freewilds – The Cult and the Constable is labeled as a fantasy novel, but while reading it I found that it also fit the horror genre quite well. Consequently, horror is my all-time favorite genre so I was pleased with the horror themes throughout. With that being said, if you are sensitive to horror, take caution when picking up this novel. Be aware that there are explicit horror elements along with fantasy elements throughout the book.

               Freewilds – The Cult and the Constable follows Constable Lukarde Alfans who begins to investigate a cult of demon worshippers, the Cult of Ebon, and ends up becoming the cult’s next target. He is framed for the murder of a psychic who assists with his investigations and ends up going into exile. The novel follows Lukarde’s journey as he seeks to create a fresh start while also seeking to learn more about the Cult of Ebon and fighting to unwind the mysteries that surround them. 

               On first impression, I was inspired by author Michael Scott’s imagination. His basis for the plot and world of the novel are unique and unlike anything else I have read. Now, after reading his work, I am absolutely amazed by Scott’s worldbuilding skills and how vividly he was able to present the story and its characters to the reader. Many times, I find that fantasy novels can take a lot of mental power to read through due to complex world-building and developing concepts, but Scott made his world and story easy to visualize for the reader, and I feel as though it swallowed me whole. Fear and despair infiltrated every word in Freewilds – The Cult and the Constable, and it was difficult to shake upon finishing the novel. This is exactly what I look for in horror novels, but this novel was unique because it also featured the mystique of fantasy, making it a knockout.   

               Michael Scott has created a fantasy novel like no other. His affinity for fantasy and horror are incomparable, and Freewilds – The Cult and the Constable is sure to shake up both genres. I have thoroughly enjoyed this literary treat, and I look forward to reading more from this author.  

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Ashley Nestler, MSW is a multi-genre author, poet, bibliotherapist, and mental health specialist. She is an educator on writing and publishing and specializes in fantasy, young adult, and horror. Ashley can be found holed up in her personal library taking down literary quotes and reviewing books.

Prologue - A Blur of Shadows

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Michael Paul Scott is the author of the Saga of the Freewilds, a series of Detective Mystery novels in an original Dark Fantasy setting that teems with elements of horror and suspense. https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Paul-Scott/e/B09DWZ9R5P view profile

Published on September 30, 2021

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