Eddie & Emily And The Demon Cell


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An adventure into the darker side of life, through the eyes of two children with very different personalities.

Eddie & Emily and The Demon Cell by B. R. Lewis is a book about two children: Eddie and Emily. Eddie has constantly moved from place to place with one objective: don't stand out. Emily, on the other hand, is outspoken and, resultantly, stands out quite a bit. Emily's world is falling apart at the time that Eddie is building his. What they never anticipated was the turn that things were going to take.

The narrator of this book is one of the aspects of it that make it great. That narrative style adopts that of classic novels and animated movies. From the first couple of pages, I could just hear it in my head. The way the narrator tells the story, slides in some comments, and pulls the reader into the story from time to time adds texture to the story It was like I had just been teleported back to childhood and was enjoying one of the many novels of old in the corner of my room, ready to go on a memorable adventure.

Sometimes the sentences read as incomplete. I'd find myself repeating a sentence simply because it sounded like it was just starting, but it was not finished. As this kept happening, I started paying closer attention to it and realized that it was because of small errors. It seems the author either used the incorrect punctuation (for example, a full stop in place of a comma) or, in editing, another word that was second-guessed was not deleted. These errors diminished the book's seamless readability, but they did not dent comprehension.

Although the errors started out scattered, they quickly piled up over a few pages. Their frequency was quite disappointing. But, even with those mistakes, it was still a good read for me. The narrator's elderly nature in explanations and descriptions was weirdly refreshing and added a great layer to the story. As much as I enjoyed reading it, I think that it would be best suited for a younger audience.

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I am an avid reader. The thrill of ingesting information through words has not faltered with time. Instead, it has gotten stronger as I have found myself discovering new genres. I became interested in reviewing books recently and I have enjoyed the world it has opened up for me.


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