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8 Steps for Interview Prep: How English Learners Can Confidently Answer "Tell Me About Yourself" and Other Questions


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A concise and useful reference to survive job interviews, especially for non-native English speakers.

8 Steps for Interview Prep by Tina Crouch is a short but very informative book that could help you thrive in your job interviews. Written by an English teacher especially for ESL (English as a Second Language) students, it is packed with practical advice that could help non-native English speakers confidently take on any interview in the US.

Even if you’re in a rush, you can easily see valuable pieces of information at the end of each chapter under the section “In a Nutshell.” It’s a book that’s very easy to read and wouldn’t make the interview process far more complex than one may fear it to be.

Filled with contributions coming from human resource experts, it’s a practical guide that can help the reader gain insight from within the company’s perspective. One would learn how the interview process was meant to be a mutual exchange of information that could help both the company and the prospective employee make their final decision in relation to their unique needs.

I wish I had read this book while I was still searching for jobs after my college education. It could have helped me gain more confidence before I faced each job interview I went through. Tips on relaxation techniques as well as practice questions could have prepared me more for the actual interviews I’ve had.

This book also contains information for those who are not very familiar with the American setting for companies. There are various tips to help one adjust to the cultural setting that is peculiar to the US.

How I wish that the book was longer so I could learn even more valuable tips from the author. But I guess the conciseness of the book is in itself a way of making it easier for readers to prepare themselves and to gain the confidence they need while searching for that job that matches their true desires.

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Tina Crouch has conducted hundreds of 1-on-1 English lessons with a focus on Business English, practice interviews, and academic writing skills. She used her students' common fears and most frequently asked questions to build this guide for job candidates who speak English as a second language. view profile

Published on October 29, 2020

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