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Blog – Posted on Thursday, Jun 23

25 Best Bookshelves Money Can Buy

25 Best Bookshelves Money Can Buy

Whether you plan to showcase a coveted collection of books, perfectly-watered plants, or some memorable pictures, they’d look much better with the perfect bookshelf to accompany them! Luckily for you, we’ve sorted through a bunch of the top recommended bookshelves across the web, and created a shortlist of some of the best ones money can buy.

Whether your taste is more modern and contemporary or traditional and rustic, there’s a high chance you’ll find a bookshelf that suits your taste somewhere in here!

1. Mailroom chic with cubby holes galore

💸Price: $279.99

🛒Buy it here: Sauder

To start off, Sauder’s Barrister Lane Bookcase is a simple, no frills bookcase that does just about what it says (stores books)! With cubbyhole storage units and a salt oak finish, it promises to deliver on both functionality and practicality. No surprises with this one :)  

2. Hotel trolley aesthetic, with an elegant twist 

💸Price: $197.99

🛒Buy it here: Wayfair

With its elegant arches and classy gold finish, the Kendra Steel Etagere Bookcase wouldn't look out of place ferrying luggage down the corridors of The Ritz. So if you're looking for a taste of five-star luxury at home, look no further (bellhop not included). 

3. Classy, timeless and walnut-coated  

💸Price: $1099

🛒Buy it here: Crate and Barrel

The clean and no-nonsense style of the Ainsworth Walnut Bookcase allows for great storage space and versatility. Its five adjustable shelves also make it ideal for storing different types of items. Subtle and simple, it will surely add an element of class to your room.

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4. The one with accented storage 

💸Price: $144.72

🛒Buy it here: Amazon

Are you in the mood for the kind of bookshelf a rockstar would have? Meet the very relaxed, very cool Sauder Nova Loft Accent Storage. With its tilted shelves, you could easily display your platinum records, ghostwritten memoirs, and magazines with your face on the cover.  

5. For the artsy ones  

💸Price: $975

🛒Buy it here: Floyd

The Floyd Shelving System is for those with a creative sensibility. While others might look at its tall, ladder-like structure and think to themselves, “I’ll organize my books there,” you might see the vast potential of its infinitely customizable shelving system! So if you’d like to be quirky and stand out, let your imagination run away with this one! 

6. Ladder-style, chic and elegant 

💸Price: $89.99

🛒Buy it here: Nathan James

For a clinical taste of modern simplicity, you won’t do much better than this industrial design that’s crafted from polished wood and durable metal. To complete the illusion of being in a Berlin design studio, simply slip into a black turtle-neck sweater, sip on a double macchiato and casually lean against the Theo Industrial Ladder Shelf

7. The circular one

💸Price: $798

🛒Buy it here: Anthropologie

With its circular shape and hand-made bamboo construction, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Anthropologie’s Irving Bookcase looks just like a steamer basket from a dim sum restaurant. Simple and inviting, this shelf will make your books and pictures look as delectable as a freshly cooked portion of siu mai

8. A shrine to your personality

💸Price: $249

🛒Buy it here: Urban Outfitters

If you consider yourself the main character of a romance novel (hopefully not the heartbroken kind), this one’s for you. The Leaning Bookcase from Urban Outfitters is the perfect place for keepsakes that reveal your adorable backstory: your horse riding trophies, your degree in cupcake baking, and your handwritten pact to never fall in love with a wealthy entrepreneur.

9. A modern, maze like aesthetic

💸Price: $1077-$1584

🛒Buy it here: Etsy

Do you remember Ollivander’s wand shop from Harry Potter ? Well, the Modern Bookshelf and Shelving Unit wouldn’t look out of place at Diagon Alley’s premiere boutique — or in your living room (where you would also have the option to store your spell books and potion journals) A classy choice indeed. After all, the bookshelf chooses the owner, doesn’t it?

10. Calm, yogi vibes 

💸Price: $1,298.00

🛒Buy it here: Anthropologie

Picture a calm beach. You’re meditating next to a steaming cup of green tea. On your left: a perfectly balanced sculpture made out of pebbles. This is the energy that the Kalle Sculptural Oak Bookshelf radiates. Crafted from American oak, it has a natural, minimalist and calming design. If you’d like to create a little get away bookshelf, this is the one for you.

11. French cabinet minimalist chic 

💸Price: $999.00

🛒Buy it here: Crate & Barrel

Mirroring a delicate tea set, the Parisian-inflected Fayette Corner Storage Bookshelf is a sight for sore eyes. Adding a hint of elegance to the room with its slim frame and white shelves, this bookcase offers deceptively ample storage space. If you’re one for keeping things classy, look no further.

12. Straight off of the ocean floor

💸Price: $2835

🛒Buy it here: Coleman Furniture

The Avondale 2 Bookcase Wall looks like it could've been taken from a 17th-century shipwreck. In fact, it may very well have been pulled from a pirate vessel where it housed treasure maps and prized heirlooms! If you’re one for traveling, or have simply read one too many historical-fiction novels, this is ideal for storing your collectibles (while keeping an eye out for hidden treasure in one of its compartments).

13. A taste of Brooklyn 

💸Price: $133.99

🛒Buy it here: Amazon

Kemanner’s 5-Tier Industrial Style Bookcase possesses a simple and solid design that makes it suitable for all things home. As comfortable in the living room and bedroom as it is storing gardening tools in your shed, this item is perfect for those who appreciate the simple things in life.

14. Classy, and dangerously cool

💸Price: $189

🛒Buy it here: Bosfori

If James Bond was trained by MI6 to display books and trinkets, he’d be the Robbins Bookcase. Its sturdy steel frame would make it stand out (even in a crowded casino), and its open shelves can be used to store books, watches (Omega, naturally), or even the plans to your next top-secret mission.

15. Fashion meets function

💸Price: $824

🛒Buy it here: Desert Cart

Bon Augure’s Industrial Ladder bookshelf means business — and business is all about style. Its massive shelves allow for an impressive display of items, while the ladder-style design adds flair to the room. With an impressive load-bearing capacity that tops out at 165lb, the shelves can also be used for plants, photos, and the heaviest of books!

16. Traditional, simple and reliable 

💸Price: $148.38

🛒Buy it here: Walmart

The traditional Sauder Collections 5-Shelf Bookcase is as simple as it gets. Not one to draw attention to itself, it is a safe, practical option that would suit anything from an urban home to a farmhouse setting. Oh, remember to check out its variety of finishes — ranging from chalk to black to cherry (you can have your pick)! 

17. Vintage suave with a little criss-cross 

💸Price: $379.99

🛒Buy it here: Walmart

If you’re planning to set up a home office to conduct meetings from, Little Tree’s 5-Tier Double Wide Open Bookcase is a great choice. Bold, elegant, and not too flashy — it definitely makes a strong opening statement for you. With 10 open-styled, spacious shelves, you can store everything from books to picture frames, office essentials, etc. Another plus point? The bookshelf serves as a handy room divider!

18. The conversation starter 

💸Price: $799

🛒Buy it here: Urban Outfitters

The Arlo Bookshelf simply exudes confidence. With six shelves and an impressive rounded design, this bookcase can serve as the center of attention in any room. Perfect for displaying your novels, collectibles, and heavy-duty board games, the Arlo is an ideal hub for your game night!

19. A stack of apple crates

💸Price: $79.99

🛒Buy it here: Amazon

The S-shaped, modern Yusong 5-Tier Wooden Bookcase is an eccentric and unusual sight. While it is suitable for accessories, books, and family photos, it also doubles up as an excellent wine rack! If you consider yourself as the quirky misunderstood character of your family, this bookshelf will definitely complement your vibe.

20. For the nature-lover in you

💸Price: $234.99

🛒Buy it here: Wayfair

If you’re a corporate worker who dreams of the outdoors, this Iron Standard Bookcase from 17 Stories is a must-buy. With a total capacity of 110lb, you may want to avoid heavy earthenware,  but you can proudly showcase your plant-collection without taking up too much space in the office! 

21. Bookshelf and workstation in one 

💸Price: $109.99

🛒Buy it here: PC Part Picker

If space is at a premium, this is the one for you. With the computer desk and bookshelf both attached together, the multifunctional Computer Desk with Hutch & Bookshelf creates a very efficient working environment. You can grab whatever you’d like, whenever you like — literally without moving an inch! 

22. The bookcase that appears at will 

💸Price: $179.99

🛒Buy it here: Container Store

Another fantastic space-saver, the Iron Folding Tower folds flat when not in use! You can bring it out whenever guests come around (to brag about your books and the bibliophile that you are), and simply fold it away when not in use.

23. The royal statement  

💸Price: $289.99

🛒Buy it here: Wayfair

The personification of royalty, this elegant Etagere Bookcase from Trent Austin Design adds a touch of luxury to any room it is placed in. Tall and modern, finished in Satin Gold, with spacious shelves… need we say more? If your home is your castle, then give it the royal treatment with this classy addition.

24. Sleek aesthetic with cubby holes 

💸Price: $899-$1798

🛒Buy it here: Pottery Barn

The Bradley Bookcase is elegant and sophisticated, but rather low-key and understated. Made with richly grained mango wood, it gives a classy, sleek aesthetic and has good storage space too! If you’ve got all the charisma and need a bookshelf to simply be your sidekick, then this will do just the job. 

25. Modern chic with a geometric silhouette 

💸Price: $239.99

🛒Buy it here: Wayfair

Picture those mazes where there’s a prize if you reach the middle. But the walls are not made of roughly cut grass. In fact, it’s the most elegant maze you’ve ever laid eyes on. That is the iconic Abston Geometric Bookcase. Its unique geometric shape and modern design make it incredibly visually pleasing and a statement-making bookcase to own!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the bookcase that has had the most profound impact on you  (or the one you actually like) and stock it up with some classics to read! Need a chair to read your books on? Check out some of the best reading chairs in the market.

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