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Just Grow It Yourself - Home Gardens Outshine Industrial Food


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A very persuasive argument on why you can and should start a home garden wherever you are!

Just Grow It Yourself by David Fisher dares to challenge the industrial food system. While a courageous and lofty goal, to his credit, he does justice to the topic, and readers will be convinced that home gardens are the better option. If you are interested in learning more about starting your own garden, why it is the healthier alternative, and the challenges we will face ignoring this option, then you must read this book!

Fisher starts off his book with a very thought-provoking interview with Americans. An interview that will get readers thinking about the cost of depending on the industrial food complex. This makes his thesis clear from the get-go. His goal is to inspire potential gardeners as well as motivate policymakers and change-makers to look at the vast potential that lies in home gardens. While many complain about inefficiencies in the distribution link that have left our store shelves empty, Fisher produces a solution that is so simple it is often overlooked.

Further, Fisher makes slam-dunk points that will knock any excuse about why it cannot be done - out. He does this by supplying the reader with information and data that will make any intelligent person seriously consider home gardens as a viable alternative to the mega-industrial food system. Home gardens support a sustainable environment with their energy efficiencies. They also promote a healthier diet that could reduce morbidity and mortality rates and teach the young a very valuable skill. This book makes the emphatic point that home gardens can do much more for us than the industrial food complex.

On the downside, Fisher often makes his points by using countries that have questionable political policies, like Cuba, to prove his points. Nonetheless, I think his cogent arguments are persuasive. However, this could make some readers skeptical as they might view the writer's points through a particular political prism.

Even so, I found this book to be very interesting. It is packed with information to help novice gardeners and policymakers craft ideologically sound policies that are backed by data-driven results. As such, I believe every policymaker should receive a copy.

In fact, I would recommend this book to everyone. You can start a garden wherever you are!

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A Food Interview With America

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David G. Fisher, PhD, brings 40 years of experience as a gardener, botanist, USDA-funded researcher in crop breeding, and innovator in sustainability education to the daunting challenge of redesigning food production. His ultimate goal is to establish a 3-tiered food system anchored in home gardens. view profile

Published on July 15, 2021

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