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Blog – Posted on Friday, Jan 22

30 Best Reading Chairs Money Can Buy in 2024

30 Best Reading Chairs Money Can Buy in 2024

A good chair is hard to find, a good reading chair even more so. A reading chaise can’t just be comfortable — it also needs to be flexible, able to accommodate a variety of reading positions, and (in a perfect world) aesthetically pleasing as well. As a result, readers may spend ages in pursuit of the Holy Grail of reading chairs, only to come up short.

Enter this post, which will separate the wheat from the chaff (or should we say the seat from the chaff?) and give you the best reading chairs money can buy! Whether your taste sways sleek and modern or regally ornate, comfy-cozy or office chic, you’re sure to find your dream chair somewhere in here — and with great options for every budget, you needn’t worry about breaking the bank.

So sit back and relax, as it were, and enjoy the vast range of beautiful reading chairs on offer. Interested in buying one? Just click the link in the header or description.

Under $250

1. Komorebi Hammock Chair ($70)

Kicking things off with a very Instagram-worthy selection, this hanging hammock chair is the perfect choice for your bohemian reading nook — and at just $70, it leaves plenty of room in your budget for books. Buy it here.

2. Adjustable Lounger Floor Game Chair ($70)

Or if hanging from the ceiling is too precarious for your liking, how about a chair that keeps you literally down to Earth? This adjustable lounger floor chair puts the “low” in lowkey, yet won’t detract from your room’s aesthetic (and is another great option for those trying to save money). Buy it here.

3. Yaheetech Modern Club Chair ($100)

For a simple, stylish reading chair, turn to the Yaheetech modern club chair, upholstered in velour and available in grey, black, white, and navy blue. Effortlessly classy and surprisingly affordable! Buy it here.

4. AbocoFur Tufted Lounge Chair ($130)

French bulldog not included, but don’t let that stop you from adoring this tufted lounge chair from AbocoFur. It’s the platonic ideal of cush, just the thing to sink into with a book after a long day — not to mention it comes in twenty gorgeous colors. Buy it here.

5. OSP Papasan Swivel Chair ($140-$180)

Who can resist a good papasan? This super-comfy, flexible chair will fit seamlessly into any rec room or casual reading room. And for those concerned about getting it dirty, fret not; you can purchase the cushion in darker colors as well. Buy it here.

6. JustRoomy Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair ($183)

If you want your living room to look straight out of Mad Men, this boxy mid-century accent chair is the way to go. Though it’s undoubtedly a statement piece, it’s actually quite comfortable as well. Buy it here.

7. Christopher Knight Home Velvet Chaise Lounge ($245)

Then again, perhaps you’d prefer a reading chaise that says, “I have a terrible case of the vapors and simply cannot attend tonight’s ball.” In that case, this velvet chaise lounge in garnet is your premier choice for dramatically collapsing with one hand flung over your face (and a juicy historical romance in the other). Buy it here.

8. IKEA STRANDMON Wing Chair ($249)

You can’t have a chairs post without IKEA. Their STRANDMON wing chair is a classic solution to the eternal question of where to sit and read — plus it’s the lowest-priced option on this list that also includes an ottoman. Buy it here.

9. Divano Roma Velvet Sleeper Chaise Lounge ($250)

Ever looked at a throne and thought, “Wow, I need that in my house”? Divano Roma’s got you covered: this lush velvet sleeper lounge, complete with button tufts and nailhead trim, is sure to make you feel like royalty whenever you stretch out on it. Buy it here.


10. Altrobene Upholstered Ottoman Set ($290)

This cute, modern reading chair from Altrobene comes in emerald green and millennial pink, with golden legs that make it pop in any room. Buy it here.

11. Homary Mid-Century Velvet Lounge Chair ($360)

Or you can spring for the Homary mid-century lounge chair, which is basically the Altrobene chair’s older sister, with sturdier legs and adjustable back. Recliner enthusiasts, take note: we’ve got more coming up, but this one’s the least expensive. Buy it here.

12. Christopher Knight Home Alfred Club Chair ($370)

An elegant yet versatile option, this wide-backed club chair is a lovely addition to any reading room. Add a blanket and mug of something warm to instantly shift from cosmopolitan to cozy. Buy it here.

13. Andover Mills Quinton Armchair ($375)

Your grandmother’s armchair, but make it fashion. This pretty little reading chair would look right at home in a vintage apartment or quaint country cottage — but even if you don’t have either of those, you can still curl up in it to escape into other worlds. Buy it here.

14. West Elm Groovy Swivel Chair ($399)

Ever just want to melt into a pat of butter? With this comfy yellow swivel chair from West Elm, you nearly can! Enjoy being surrounded by sunshiney goodness and able to rotate in whatever direction you please. Buy it here.

15. Belleze Chaise Lounge With Storage ($400)

Not only does this reading chaise lounge look intimidatingly sophisticated, it also has a secret compartment that’s perfect for storing all your books. In other words, it’s the chair equivalent of a nice dress with pockets: why forgo style for practicality when you can have both? Buy it here.

16. Hogle Lounge Chair and Ottoman ($400)

For those who wish to recline but may not want an actual recliner, we have the Hogle lounge chair and ottoman in teal. With the back at a breezy 120° angle, it provides just the right balance of taste and comfort, plus a surreptitious side pocket for books. Buy it here.

17. West Elm Book Nook Armchair ($499)

Another classic piece is West Elm’s “book nook” armchair. With clean lines and a nicely compact design, this one truly is the everyman of the reading chairs world. Buy it here.


18. Twirl Swivel Accent Chair ($595)

In the immortal words of Ross Geller: pivot. The twirl swivel accent chair from Living Spaces allows you to do just that — so if you’re stressing over whether your new chair should face the window or the fireplace, this one might solve all your problems! Buy it here.

19. Tia Velvet Chair ($599)

We know you’ve seen this chair on Instagram. But the Tia velvet chair lives up to the hype: minimalist yet striking, in a gorgeous golden tone that will have guests lavishing you with compliments. Buy it here.

20. Dale Power Rocker Recliner ($695)

Now we’re getting into serious recliner territory. If you love to lean, consider splurging on this power rocker recliner, which manages to be just as comfortable as the classic BarcaLounger while maintaining a crisp aesthetic appeal. Buy it here.

21. Knotted Melati Hanging Chair ($698)

Sometimes you just want to read the day away in a little cocoon, emerging hours later as a literarily enlightened butterfly. In any case, the Melati hanging chair from Anthropologie will make all your lacy, lepidopteran dreams come true — fill it with cushions and climb on in. Buy it here.


22. Marta Barrel Chair ($1,160)

Colloquially known as the “snuggle chair” around the internet, the Marta barrel chair really is perfect for cuddles. Rope your partner or kids into reading together in this spacious chair, or sprawl out with your own pile of books. Buy it here.

23. Lyre Chesterfield Chair ($1,190)

If the fainting chaise didn’t do it for you, how about a fainting couch? This one is the pinnacle of dramatic elegance, distinctively conveying 18th-century style — rolled English arms, elaborate trim — yet fitting easily into any contemporary space. Buy it here.

24. Manhattan Leather Armchair With Nailheads (starts at $1,200)

This chair smells like scotch, mahogany, and million-dollar deals. Just kidding, it smells like leather — but it’ll make you feel as distinguished and important as an oil tycoon or top-shelf lawyer, especially if you’re reading a thick biography or classic Hemingway novel. Buy it here.

25. Senorah Kilim Club Chair ($1,295)

Arguably the most enchanting piece on this list, each Senorah chair is hand-crafted and unique with slight variations in color… so when we say this chair is one-of-a-kind, we mean it. If you’re in search of a reading chair that literally no one else will have, look no further than the Senorah. Buy it here.

26. Bryant Corner Chair ($1,421)

This popular chair from Joybird is not only large and comfortable, but also quite adaptable; you can put it in almost any corner of almost any room. Delightfully padded and covered in blown fiber material, this chair is la crème de la crème of modular furniture. (That said, if the price seems a little steep, you can always go for the IKEA VALLENTUNA instead.) Buy it here.


27. Talman Mongolian Fur Chair ($1,500)

For those who’d love a pet but feel like a living creature is too high-maintenance, have we got the chair for you! The fur chair may be simple in concept, but its execution is flawless: super-soft lamb’s wool for the material, with arms and legs of stunning oak. Buy it here.

28. Bloom Swivel Lounge Chair ($3,430)

The Bloom swivel lounge honestly belongs in a museum; just look at that intricate stitching, the way the material blossoms out like a real flower, and the brilliant cobalt color. Not to mention how lavish it would feel to fall into this chair with a book. Buy it here.

29. Brasilia Chaise ($3,995)

The Brasilia chaise takes a number of familiar design elements — the chaise style, the tufted buttons, the dip in the seat — and maxes them out for the most luxurious possible sitting (and reading) experience. This chair is basically a bed that’s socially acceptable to keep in your living room, and we are not complaining. Buy it here.

30. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman ($6,495)

We’ll end on an absolute icon of chairs: the Eames lounge and ottoman set, which was introduced in the 1950s and has endured as one of the most popular office chairs for nearly 70 years. If reading is your whole life, this is the chair you deserve to sit in as you do it — though we will say, for those who aren’t too preoccupied with brand names, Modern Luxury Furniture makes an excellent knockoff. Buy it here.


A great reading chair (or reading chaise!) deserves a great book. Check out our list of the best books of all time to figure out what you're reading next!

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