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Vanessa Newman

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It's 1998 and women are wearing skorts, listening to the Spice Girls, and Tatiana's addicted to chocolate croissants. She used to be a Cardio Queen with fans and an even more fantastic ass. But ever since her mind-blowing, attitude-altering, and detoxifying adventure at an Ashram in Boulder, she ...

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Tiny Tales

“Tiny Tales” is a collection of five friendly fables for young children and young-at-heart adults with positive messages and charming illustrations. A collaboration between an American writer, Vanessa Newman, a Ukrainian artist, Anastasia Yatsunenko, and designed by artist Richard Newman.

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About me
I have been writing since I was eight and have self-published 10 children's books and 3 novels. I'm also a freelancer who has contributed to hundreds of articles, courses, and blogs online. I like to write grown-up humor (Dr. Seuss meets Dr. Ruth) and children's books.
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