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T. M. Jackson

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Who's Jerry?

Who’s Jerry? explains mental illness to kids with diverse characters. Who’s Jerry? tells the story of Imani, whose mommy has started acting strange. Sometimes she doesn’t get out of bed before Imani leaves for school and she has stopped taking care of her. Worst of all Imani’s mommy has an invis...

Discover an ocean of Black History with Imani! Imani doesn’t like sharks. They have big mouths, filled with big teeth, perfect for eating small children like her. But when Grandpapa takes Imani to the aquarium, she learns about marine biologists and scuba divers – clever people who study and s...

About me
A government analyst and a Navy veteran who takes pride in her experience. and the Navy core values of “Honor, Courage, and Commitment.” She believes in work-life balance and is a certified master diver. She writes as a form of therapy and to share her experiences with others.
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