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Stephen Kennedy

Stephen Kennedy

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Among the Dead

A pandemic swept across the globe. Everything shut down. Airports, businesses, schools. Cell phone service and electricity soon followed. The virus turned people insane, causing them to attack anything that moved. Armed forces were quickly overrun, and every citizen was in a fight for their life....

Over a year removed from a horrific pandemic that ravaged the entire world, the United States sits in shambles. Infected people roam the cities, towns, and countryside attacking anything they find while people struggle to survive. After being reunited with his wife in Flagstaff, Jason decides ...

A pandemic has plunged the country into complete chaos, leaving the strong to prey upon the weak for survival. People infected with the virus are animalistic and insane, lashing out and killing anyone they come across. Civilization is in ruin and there is only one rule: Do what you must to surviv...

About me
Stephen has refined his writing over the years while garnering a handful of awards and a Hollywood agent. He also finds it uncomfortable to brag about himself, which is what this section is supposed to do. Currently, Stephen lives in the Southwest with his lovely wife.
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