B.A. Tomka

B.A. Tomka

B.A. Tomka is the mother-daughter writing team behind Shiba of the North

B.A. Tomka

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B.A.'s books

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Ruby's Camping Adventure

Roasting marshmallows was the plan, until a rabbit hops by… Ruby is a cute, cuddly Shiba Inu with a mind of her own and a knack for trouble. When Ruby gets lost in the forest on a camping trip with her best friend, Anna, she comes face-to-face with several forest animals who don't welcome the ...

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About me
Mother-daughter writing team Bonnie and Anna Tomka -- B.A. Tomka -- live in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, with their Shiba Inu, Ruby, and two humans, Michael and Austin. The family shares a love of popcorn, bacon, and a good story. Their first book kicks off the Shiba of the North book series.
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