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Cursed lands. Mystic visions and an epic quest in a land full of mythical creatures - it's a monster of a tale!   An oath broken allowed humans, gnomes, elves, and mythical creatures to live in harmony for centuries...   Until one night, an eternal soul awakens with an insatiab...

A world divided. A greedy kingdom. An ancient god awakens. The Archmagus has ruled Atlantis for a thousand years. Still hungry for power, Sin, the High priest, must find the legendary Dragon Runes to rid the kingdom of the ancient mythical monsters--so he sends a special Rune Hunter apprentice, ...

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A Song of Sea and Flame

The old gods are restless. An ancient evil stirs. Can they stop the coming curse? Fourteen-year-old Roeg Firehold'r cares about two things: earning his right to hunt with his clan, and uncovering his veiled past. So when the Clan Chief returns with news of a coming catastrophe, Roeg and his...

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Ryan Carriere is a researcher, author, and expert in the field of mindfulness. With a background sociology and a passion for understanding the mind-body connection, Ryan has dedicated his career to exploring the ways in which mindfulness can improve mental health and overall well-being.
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