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Ryan Carriere

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Ryan Carriere

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Cursed lands. Mystic visions and an epic quest in a land full of mythical creatures - it's a monster of a tale!   An oath broken allowed humans, gnomes, elves, and mythical creatures to live in harmony for centuries...   Until one night, an eternal soul awakens with an insatiab...

A world divided. A greedy kingdom. An ancient god awakens. The Archmagus has ruled Atlantis for a thousand years. Still hungry for power, Sin, the High priest, must find the legendary Dragon Runes to rid the kingdom of the ancient mythical monsters--so he sends a special Rune Hunter apprentice, ...

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A Song of Sea and Flame

The old gods are restless. An ancient evil stirs. Can they stop the coming curse? Fourteen-year-old Roeg Firehold'r cares about two things: earning his right to hunt with his clan, and uncovering his veiled past. So when the Clan Chief returns with news of a coming catastrophe, Roeg and his...

Shadows loom, destiny beckons, and Faelyn Nightsky stands at the brink. In this gripping Celtic fantasy, Faelyn Nightsky, fueled by fire, battles destiny to save the Agesless Isles from darkness. A white-headed raven's ominous croak foretells peril, as ancient guardians test her resolve. Power...

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Canadian fantasy author Ryan Carriere is taking the literary world by storm with his explosive and captivating fantasy books. His unique blend of adventure, coming-of-age themes, and richly detailed fantasy worlds leave readers wanting more, page after page.
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